And the losses just keep on coming.

Governor Katie Hobbs is trending because she was declared the winner of last November’s election, again. At this point Kari Lake has lost so often she’s going to be named an honorary member of the Arizona Cardinals.

As media makes Joe Biden’s physical a headline, for some reason I can’t remember them talking about Mitch McConnell’s age being a barrier to HIS being minority leader. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

And for those who don’t know. Mitch is six months OLDER than Joe.

A majority of Grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia “believes that perjury may have been committed. Lindsey Graham says it’s not him. Maybe not, but this is like one of those locked room murder mysteries.

Everyone says they are innocent.. but there’s a dead body.

Hell freezes over. I agree with Mitch McConnell. “I want to reassure American people, this is enormously important. We need to stay together on bipartisan basis in our country & defend these people who are bravely fighting for freedom & for democracy in Ukraine.”

Massive five-acre fire in a nursery storing plastic pots in Kissimmee, Florida today. No word on potential fertilizers and other chemicals might have burned. Hazmat crews were called in.

Fire was about 10 miles from Disney World and five miles from “Give Kids the World Village” for critically-ill children.

Crickets from Governor DeSantis, who professes to care about kids, on this one.

If mental competency tests are required for politicians, anyone who’s watched the House especially lately knows they shouldn’t just be given to those 75 and older.

Although on a non snarky note:

We’ve come long way since Thomas Eagleton was briefly George McGovern’s running mate.

But not far enough. If any Senator had to check him or herself into a hospital with a heart condition, there would be zero partisan negativity. Kudos again to John Fetterman for his bravery.

Fetterman is helping and maybe saving his own life. And his admitting depression will probably save others.

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