Well stated.

Congrats to LeBron James for beating Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s all-time scoring record.

Although it is probably worth pointing out….Kareem played half his career before the NBA instituted a three-point line.

LIV Golf League lawyers say 2022 revenue was ‘virtually zero’ but accused PGA Tour of damaging their brand… Uh, maybe it’s just me, but thinking fact that the tour is sponsored by the Saudis is what has damaged the LIV brand.

Keep hearing that Americans aren’t “excited” for President Biden to run again. Maybe if media didn’t act like elections were like some sort of reality show or a Super Bowl of politics. I’d rather have competence than excitement any day.

Kevin McCarthy said he wouldn’t tear up Biden’s speech tonight because the GOP “will not be childish.”

So what does the GOP SINO call AR-15 pins?

He disappoints on regular basis, but there are moments I ‘m fond of Mitt Romney. On George Santos “Look, embellishing is saying you got an A when you got an A-, lying is saying you graduated from college you didn’t even attend… He’s a sick puppy, he shouldn’t have been there.”

President Biden calls out those who voted for the infrastructure bill – and those who didn’t. “I’ll see you at the groundbreaking.”

So ICYMI, Republicans chose for their SOTU rebuttal speaker, a woman who’s been in office about a month, and whose previous political experience was lying on behalf of the Former Guy..

Didn’t see Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ SOTU rebuttal but gather she spoke about her three young children.

Wonder if she’s teaching them to be respectful and not interrupt adults.

And if so, can she teach some GOP house members?

Your reminder that some in the GOP lost their collective “st*ff” when Michelle Wolf joked about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ eye makeup, but had no problem with their members of Congress heckling POTUS during SOTU.

Fox News headline: “Biden booed during State of the Union for claiming GOP wants to ‘sunset’ Social Security and Medicare.” The truth hurts.

Some up in arms over Steve Daines’s suspension from Twitter over making his profile picture photo of him & wife with antelope they had just killed. Nothing against hunting, but as a mom think less traumatizing for kids to see pictures of drag queens than bloodied dead animals.

Think it doesn’t get noticed enough that GOP, the party fighting to have kids to drink chocolate milk in school is the same party fighting against capping insulin prices.

A woman can get pregnant once, maybe twice a year max. So if GOP really wants to reduce abortions it would stop a lot more unwanted pregnancies not to ban the abortion pill but to ban Viagra.

Fun family history memory. My granddad, Ralph Hough was at NOTS-Naval Ordinance Test Station- in China Lake CA.

He was proud of being shop foreman on Sidewinder missile in 1950s.

Chinese spy balloon last week was brought down by F-22 fighter jet firing single Sidewinder missile.

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