Perception and other myths

Sean Payton will reportedly earn about $18 million a year to coach the Denver Broncos. Puts him in the company of NFL’s highest paid coach, Bill Belichick.

And that is working out so well for the Patriots lately.

It’s Tuesday morning. Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.   And Quarterback Tom Brady is still retired.

The Red Wave may soon be Florida high school girls mailing used tampons and sanitary pads to Ron DeSantis’s office.

Governor Ron DeSantis now got Florida lawmakers to file a bill stripping Disney of special governing powers. 1. Whatever he claims, this will cost Florida taxpayers big $$$ 2. It’s one thing taking on liberals in the state. Thinking Ron may regret taking on the Mouse.

Rachel Maddow Breaking News: No record in New York City about a George Santos, or any of his aliases, filing police report on so-called mugging or attempt on his life. In the last 4 years. He claimed a police escort needed to be stationed outside his home. Another lie. Gosh.

Not dissing any of the other great nominees but the most shocking thing about Bonnie Raitt’s win for #Grammys Song of the Year last night is still how many people apparently didn’t know who she was.

Kept CNN as background noise while I worked Monday. They were saying how most Americans don’t think Biden has accomplished much.

But also CNN – had GOP members of Congress (no Democrats) talk about the spy balloon, plus coverage of Desantis, DeSantos etc. How are we supposed to know what Biden’s accomplished?

Pentagon says debris field from the Chinese spy balloon is “15 football fields by 15 football fields.” Again, imagine any of that had hit someone on the ground especially in a red state. GOP would be calling for Biden’s impeachment.

Gonna keep saying this. Make fun of Santos, Marjorie Three Names etc, but if you’re on social media do make sure you tweet or post or whatever about the good people and Democratic accomplishments.

GOP and media prefers we focus on the clickbait and train wrecks.

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