Different wins

Can root for teams from Texas- San Antonio Spurs, Houston Astros w/ Dusty Baker. But while I like Luka Doncic, Mavericks with Kyrie Irving are definitely off the list.

Apparently today’s Pro Bowl – was there a Pro Bowl today? – actually had some entertaining flag football games.

But really, isn’t flag football what most NFL defenders were playing these last few years when Tom Brady was quarterbacking?

While I’m too old to know most of the Grammy nominees, it’s always a fun show. Especially these days realized how apoplectic the show must make some on the far right.

OTOH, if you’re too young to know who Bonnie Raitt was until tonight. You’ve been missing something.

So did GOP really not know about three Chinese spy balloons in the US during the Trump administration? Or are they all trying for belated Oscar nominations?

Today’s GOP – it’s okay to home school your kids into white supremacy but God forbid you take them to a drag show.

So I missed it. What Grammy did George Santos win?

Blocked a MAGA on Twitter today. But as an illustration of the fact that almost all Americans can find some common ground on something, while his timeline was mostly anti-Democrat hate I did find a tweeting saying “threw up in my cheerios this morning when chuck todd called himself a journalist.”

House Oversight and Accountability Committee now wants to know who is paying up to $500,000 for Hunter Biden’s paintings. While they’re at it how about investigating why the Saudis paid $2 billion for Jared Kushner’s investment “prowess?”

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