Suns shine?

Phoenix Suns are giving up four first round draft picks – 2023, 2025, 2027 and 2029, to get Kevin Duran from the Brooklyn Nets.

Clearly makes Suns a favorite for this season.

But so now many of those draft picks will come after Durant demands a trade somewhere else?

There’s a report that FIFA might possibly bring on Visit Saudi — the official tourism authority for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia — as a sponsor of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Star forward Alex Morgan of USWNT said she found the news “bizarre.”

“Bizarre” being a short euphemism for a lot of unprintable words…

Meanwhile FIFA continues that quest for the sports limbo championship “How low can you go?”

AMC, the nation’s largest movie theater chain, said Monday they will start charging more for seats in middle of the auditorium. AMC, Cineworld (Regal) & Cinemark have about 80% of movie theaters in US. Think oligopolies can’t affect movie prices? Stay tuned to see who follows.

Lawrence O’Donnell tonight “Republican party is no longer trying to persuade anyone in the middle.” Nailed it, which is why GOP is trying to suppress the vote. They’ve decided rather than trying to win over a majority it’s easier just to try to make sure only a minority vote.-

Lost in all this controversy over Chrissy Teigen’s tweet returning to Donald Trump as a p*ssy a** b*tch is that the tweet was an insult to cats and female dogs.

Andrea Mitchell commenting about how age affects President Biden would be like Dan Quayle commenting about contestant at a spelling bee.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders last night: “The choice is no longer between right or left. The choice is between normal and crazy.” Will Democrats have to pay Sanders royalties if they make that their 2024 slogan?

Even the NY Times reporters who regularly traveled to diners looking for Trump voters last year probably couldn’t find one who said “I’m voting GOP this year because the most important issue to me is Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Whatever you think about the Hunter Biden Twitter laptop story, this detail is NOT getting covered: Twitter didn’t permanently block links to the NY Post story in October 2020.

Or even block them for long. It was only a 24-hour suppression! Facts matter.

George Santos says Mitt Romney attacking him “Wasn’t very Mormon of him.” What’s next, Santos will claim he is “Mormon-ish?”

CNN’s John King says President Biden “rope-a-doped Republicans into booing and heckling…” Google “rope-a-dope,” youngsters. Not a bad description.

President Biden in Madison, Wisconsin, quotes directly from Ron Johnson’s Social Security plan. “We should transfer everything, so we have to consider everything every year.” And then quotes Mike Lee, “my objective is to phase out Social Security…pull it up by roots, get rid of it.”

Love this Dark Brandon guy

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