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Outta here.

February 5, 2023

Kyrie Irving has said he wants to be traded again. So two pools. 1. What team will take him? 2. How long until Irving will demand to be traded from whatever team that is?

So did we shoot down the Chinese Spy Balloon with a Jewish Space Laser?

So when is Mexico sending a spy pinata balloon?

Wonder if White House consulted Tom Brady on this balloon mission. Brady is an expert on deflating balls.

ISIS leader President Biden ordered Navy Seal Team 6 to attack and kill last week in Somalia was apparently the financier for ISIS branch responsible for the death of 13 U.S. service members in Kabul in August 2021. Seems like this should be a bigger story..

CNN on Friday covered “astonishingly” good jobs reports. But literally with “The good, the bad.” If Biden cured cancer media would talk about how it was bad for onocologists.

With Beyonce tickets soon going on sale on Ticketmaster, and not guessing the ticket selling monopoly will do any better than with Taylor Swift, thinking members of Senate Judiciary Committee should start learning Beyonce lyrics.

So it’s now been a month that GOP has been in charge of the House. Still no reading of the Constitution on the House Floor. Are they trying to find a GOP rep who can read?

This morning GOP’s faux outrage was about President Biden working this weekend at Camp David. I guess it would be better if he were working at, and charging taxpayers, for the use of his resort? Oh, that’s right. Joe doesn’t have a resort… Never mind.

Marjorie Three Names says US should shoot down the Chinese spy balloon, dismissing concerns for the safety of Americans on the ground saying “in rural areas there aren’t people everywhere. Was she volunteering her deep red rural Georgia district?

MSNBC ran a segment about how the loser in the Arizona gubernatorial race won’t go away? Maybe because even supposedly liberal media keeps paying her nonstop attention. Can we get coverage of what new Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs is doing please?

Some of same Republicans freaking out over what secrets a Chinese spy balloon – which USA is aware of – might get from us, have no problem with idea that Velveeta Voldemort might have secretly sold many of our most important secrets to Russia, Saudi Arabia or yes, even China.