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Tommy, we more than barely knew ye…

February 2, 2023

Of course Tom Brady could have retired (again) any time and announcing it now is just a coincidence instead of an attempt to grab the limelight during a time most American football fans are focused on the Super Bowl….

So why does Tom Brady keep retiring on February 1. Does he want his own personal version of Groundhog Day?

Too soon to start a pool on when Tom Brady will unretire again?

Tom Brady is retiring, again. Not content with all the records he has, Tom is now trying to break Brett Favre’s number of retirements record?

Former WNBA MVP & free agent Breanna Stewart says she is joining the New York Liberty – and chose New York because “I feel like, why not go to the biggest market in all of sport?” She’s more honest than a lot of male athletes.7

Apparently if you’re facing a crisis in a red state the way to get GOP help is now to claim you’re a gas stove.

Kevin McCarthy actually said “I’m not raising a clean debt ceiling, American public doesn’t want it.” So he’s saying American public believes in not paying bills? Mortgages, car payments, etc? & we’re fine w/ letting USA default over a political game? 2 words. Yeah. Right.

GOP mocks Biden plans to end COVID public health emergency in May, saying it should be over already. GOP isn’t saying, when public health emergency ends, for starters Americans will need to start paying for COVID-19 tests & treatments such as Paxlovid . Just saying.

Not getting much coverage in the US but huge national strike in Britain today largely over inflation, which is much worse than in America right now. Your reminder, the United Kingdom is governed by the Conservative party.

So the former leader of the free world, who is running again, is casually and publicly referring to an attractive woman he had an affair with as “Horseface.” Will GOP say these comments should be added to list of those moments he became “Presidential?”

Ron Deathsantis is against AP African-American history. in Florida. But he’s got no problem w/ AP European history. Why does Ron think Florida students shouldn’t learn about Black history in America, but it’s fine learning about White history in Europe? (Yeah, I know the answer.)