Worse and worser.

LA Rams, who in week 15 have already tied 1999 Denver Broncos (6-10) for the most losses ever by a defending Super Bowl champ, would like to thank Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots for the distraction of having had worse weekends.

After blowing a 33-0 lead to the Minnesota Vikings, the Indianapolis Colts were poised to become the biggest punchline of NFL Week 15. New England Patriots, “Hold our beer that we’re about to lateral to you.

Just realized that Liz Cheney has five children, the same as Nancy Pelosi.

Explains a lot about Liz.

Toddlers of any age throwing tantrums don’t faze her.

Travel later this week is going to be a nightmare across the US. So maybe the Senate can just stay in session and get everything passed? Or Republicans can just stop blocking stuff and let EVERYONE get a heard start to go home?

While the floor was quiet, just saw on C-Span 2 that Senate was still in session Monday night after midnight. So how long hypothetically would Democrats have had to wait until Republicans all go to bed and then pass a whole bunch of bills before they wake up?

As the January 6 committee holds its final public meeting and unveils criminal referrals against Velveeta Voldemort this is the TOP headline on the Fox News website. No joke “How the Justice Dept. allegedly targeted top news, social media execs after Hunter Biden revelations.”

So if Velveeta Voldemort really did shoot someone in plain sight on Fifth Avenue would this DOJ indict him?

I feel for whoever’s job it is to clean up ketchup from the walls at Mar-A-Lago his week.

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