Where’s a band when you need one?

So many teams now expecting the same miracle. But if the Stanford band hadn’t rushed the field 40 years ago, the New England Patriots probably win today’s game against the Raiders.

Any day when Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and Jerry Jones all lose is a good day. #NFL

So after two incredibly improbable late French comebacks, Argentina still ends up winning the World Cup. Who did France think they were? The Minnesota Vikings?

But seriously, down 33-0!??

Even the Atlanta Falcons are wondering how the Indianapolis Colts blew that game to the Minnesota Vikings.

As a New Orleans fan, it’s so much more fun when Minnesota does miracle stuff against a team that isn’t the Saints.

Meanwhile the Saints, 5-9, are in a three way tie for 2nd place in the NFC South…. Behind the 6-8 Tampa Bay Bucs. Yes, someone has to win the division

But hey, at least with the World Cup done and everyone out of Qatar we can stop either boycotting or else feeling like we need a shower after we watched any of these games. Now let’s just hope they Qatar doesn’t bribe the IOC into an Olympics.

Yeah, it’s early in the bowl season, but when most college football headlines are about where players are transferring, thinking the NCAA has a problem.

Has the My Pillow Guy applied to be Twitter CEO yet?

TSA found a record number of guys in carry-on luggage 2022. 6301!

And of thosee 6,301 guns discovered by officers at checkpoints, more than 88% were loaded.


In January, 2023 Arizona will inaugurate their FIFTH woman Governor. Her name is Katie Hobbs. Can we stop talking about the sore loser?

State Senate results in California District 16.

Melissa Hurtado (D) 68,457

David Shepard (R) 68,437

Don’t let ANYONE tell you your vote doesn’t matter.

Not that Muskrat probably thinks anything Congress does applies to him… But w/ anti-competitive blocking of sharing information about rival platforms, does he realize Amy Klobuchar even has Republicans like Josh Hawley & Mike Lee on board w/ big tech antitrust issues?

Wrap your head around this one: The so-called pro-life Governor of Florida wants to be President and so is promoting anti-vaccine sentiments that will kill people. #DeathSantis

SNL Weekend Update’s Colin Jost refers to “semi-retired maniac” Donald Trump getting into NFTs after the market crashed… What’s next, a line of Velveeta Voldemort Beanie Babies?

Non-snarky PSA. Many of us get gift cards as incentives or prizes. Some have expiration dates. Went through some of mine and found small amounts left on several, two expiring end of 2022. It’s easy to zero them out with donations to favorite causes. And it feels good,

Fox News headline “Florida boy dies from injuries after horrific accident at friend’s house.” 12 yr-old accidentally shot himself when he found gun at friend’s house during sleepover when friend’s parents weren’t home.

This isn’t a horrific accident, it’s criminal negligence.

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