League of not their own

If you didn’t already know how “messed” up college football is these days. Alabama did not make the College Football Playoff, but did make a New Year’s Bowl.

And it’s a headline that Alabama linebacker Will Anderson Jr and QB Bryce Young, both healthy, but also top NFL draft prospects, will play in the Sugar Bowl instead of opting out.

The Big 12 was originally going to keep Texas and Oklahoma in league until 2025 when the schools will leave for the SEC.

But now apparently both sides are working on an agreement to leave after the 2023 season.

Why don’t we just call the SEC and Big Ten the NFL AAA leagues North and South?

Love the 30th anniversary Beauty and the Beast. But I can’t be the only one who’s thinking “How could it have been 30 years ago?” “Tale as old as time.”

Chuck Schumer today on CNN: “Nancy (Pelosi) instinctively knew how to handle Trump. Because for her first 35, 40 years of life, she raised five children, and she knew how to deal with children.” We shouldn’t spread this quote around, it would upset Velveeta Voldemort.

When a toddler throws a tantrum it is best to ignore him. Now I know that a certain meglomaniac billionaire loves attention and yes, some of his acts are outrageous. But we need to keep amplifying good people too on social media.

Oliver Darcy on CNN – “I think we’re just learning that Muskrat is very thin-skinned.” Are we also just learning that water is wet?

Can’t blame this purely on politics and media.

But at this point more Americans are convinced they will win the Powerball lottery than think they will get seriously ill or die from COVID.

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