Not quite bowled over.

It’s Friday, December 16, and if you’re reading this you’ve probably missed some of the first game of the NCAAF Bowl season.

And if you know who’s playing and you aren’t an alum of Miami (Ohio) or UAB, (I had to look it up), you just might have a problem.

Drew Brees will be an assistant coach for the Purdue Boilermakers in this year’s Citrus Bowl.

Cool, if it works out can he try a stint with the New Orleans Saints?

WTF NBA? – Brooklyn Nets fined $25,000 “for failing to comply with league policies governing injury reporting,” -because they rested 8 players against the Indiana Pacers, including Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving & Ben Simmons. Except Nets ended up winning game, 136-133.

Have to think that suspending big accounts just because they hurt the Chief Twit’s feelings is not exactly a winning strategy to hold onto advertisers.

Muskrat believes in free speech like Republicans believe in freedom of religion. Everyone has the freedom to speak or worship in the way they are told to speak or worship.

If Velveeta Voldemort seriously thinks his NFT’s were a “major announcement,” then maybe it’s time for another “Person, woman, man, camera, TV” test.

Fox News reporting that conservatives are disgusted by John Boehner crying at Pelosi tribute. Now if the former GOP Speaker had just flown to Mar-A-Lago and cried while talking to Velveeta Voldemort, Boehner would be considered a big strong Republican hero.

Some GOP Senators voted against extending government funding through Dec 23. If Senate doesn’t do this stopgap, the government partially shuts down tonight. Why do Republicans hate Christmas?

Still having a really hard time wrapping my head around Kevin McCarthy being considered a GOP moderate.

Travel agent PSA for day: Client I hadn’t heard from since 2021 emailed for Jan 2023 ticket to Chile. No problem but found in old email her saying “my passport doesn’t expire until Dec 2022.” Said “please tell me you’ve renewed it.” Oops. Time flies. Check your passports.

American Airlines touting “Loyalty Points Rewards, more rewarding AAdvantage Experience,” w/ a “fully dynamic” award experience. Would be nice if they’d just say “We’re making money again so we’ll make it harder for you to get status & require more miles for free tickets…”

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