Decisions decisions…

Much of the speculation about the SF Giants signing Carlos Correa has centered on where he and Brandon Crawford will play.

But here’s a new one… Correa wore #4 with the Twins. In San Francisco that number’s been retired as belonging to Mel Ott…

UCLA AD Martin Jarmond, defending Bruins’ move to Big Ten, which will cause all kinds of travel issues for student athletes, especially those who don’t play football and need to travel commercial: “You’re not playing Rutgers every week…Benefits far outweigh challenges.”

Uh, Rutgers is easy drive from Newark airport with nonstops from LA. . MANY Big Ten schools need connecting flts; UW – Madison, Purdue/IU – Indianapolis, MSU-Lansing….


Watching Jon Ossoff preside over the Senate on C-Span 2 today and thinking again he must pull the average age down a full year just by himself.

Kevin McCarthy is whining about deficits. So when is he going to say “America can no longer afford tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires?” Waiting.

Lots of nice moments with bipartisan farewell praise for in the Senate for Roy Blunt, Rob Portman and Richard Burr. Have to wonder, what’s it going to be like when Rand Paul retires?

Senator Cory Booker has a racial discrimination bill to protect employees’ right to wear natural hair styles, especially black men and women. And Rand Paul objects with a dishonest “safety” excuse.

We are all Rand Paul’s neighbor.


For some reason Fox News still hasn’t gotten around to reporting yesterday Labor Department report that inflation dropped to 7.1% in November, lowest overall rate since last December & 5th month in a row it has fallen.


Just when you as a travel agent you think you’ve heard it all: Client reports flight delay because as United flight to SFO was on taxiway at Dulles, flight attendant discovered woman had dog in kennel that didn’t fit under seat. So returned to gate to put her and her pet off….

As facts come out in the criminal case against the man who attacked Paul Pelosi, remember this, Paul Pelosi is 82 years old, woken up in middle of night by attacker with hammer looking to hurt his wife, Nancy.

And Paul had more presence of mind than most of us younger folks would have wide awake in daylight. #Respect

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