Aaron who?

-So who in SF Giants organization has the job of calling manufacturers…. uh, how quickly can you make new bobbleheads?

Yes, athletes aren’t saints. But it’s rich to see Dodgers fans attacking SF GIants over “character” issues for signing Carlos Correa because he was on 2017 Astros, while LA is still sorting out situation with their problematic bad boy signing of Trevor Bauer.

From an anonymous NY friend in the sport world last week…. “Carlos Correa is a great player. That’s the guy the Giants need to sweep in and get. He’s a great shortstop and a clutch hitter and a real gamer. Teammates love him. #SFGiants

Seen on Craigslist. A number of SF Giants bridesmaids’ dresses?


Sometimes I seriously worry for this country. On a package of Pillsbury Crescent rolls: “Do not eat raw crescent roll dough.” I mean, I get it with chocolate chip cookie dough but WTF?

We’ll never know true COVID death toll. But Alex Wagner tonight covered on how excess death rate was 5.4 percentage pts – 76% higher – in Florida & Ohio for Republicans between Jan. 2018-Dec. 2021.

No wonder GOP wants to suppress votes. their anti-vaccine politics are killing their own voters.

Louisiana GOP Senator John Kennedy “Nobody in this body wants to throw people off Medicare.” So is Kennedy lying? Or just admitting that he never listens to his Republican colleagues?

Inflation slowed to 7.1% in Nov, 5th-straight month of decline.

Fox has expected misleading headline “Inflation climbs again as prices remain near multi-decade high.”

But even CNN “Inflation is finally falling. But days when prices rose just 2% may never return.” #DoBetterMedia,

Stephen Colbert last night weighed in on Kyrsten Sinema leaving the Democratic party and registering as an independent. “That is shocking. Kyrsten Sinema was a Democrat?”

Colorado Congressional district 3 in 2020 Solidly red. Went for Trump 52–46% And Cory Gardner 53–45% In 2022. Lauren Boebert won by only 546 votes out of 327,000 votes cast. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of GOP extremism.

Something particularly evil about Deathsantis’s attacks on medical science & COVID vaccines…

His wife Casey DeSantis was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021, she is now “cancer-free.” Good for her.

But we all know d*mn well they only went to the best doctors in the state

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