Biggest losers…

So Giselle Bundchen might have been forgiven for smiling while she watched the man who chose football over their family get schooled Sunday by Mr. Irrelevant.

Oakland As have traded All-Star catcher to the Braves in a three-way deal, including the Brewers, for prospects.

The A’s really need to start selling jerseys with player names on them using Velcro letters.

So is it a rule that SOMEONE has to win the NFC South? (If the Saints had not collapsed in the last three minutes last Monday night vs Tom Brady’s Bucs, the whole division would be tied at 5-8.)

Houston Texans leading 23-20 with 1st and goal at Dallas Cowboys 4 yard line with five minutes left in the game & still find a way to lose by 4. Yeah, there’s a reason Texans have one win all season.

Texas men’s basketball coach Chris Beard has been suspended after he, was arrested early Monday on a felony family violence charge after a woman told police he strangled and bit her.

Beard as a coach has had three players charged with domestic violence and has given all of them the benefit of the doubt as much as possible. Freshman Arterio Morris is playing now despite prosecutors still deciding whether to charge him after an arrest this summer. All joking aside, it’s not a good pattern.

Wait, Secretary Pete Buttigieg is trending because he has taken a small percentage of his business flights on government planes instead of commercial. Well I am sure all these folks were equally incensed when Velveeta Voldemort’s spawn regularly flew privately at taxpayer expense. #sarcasm

World’s richest man gets roundly booed at Dave Chappelle’s show in San Francisco. The Beatles were right. “Money can’t buy me love.” #MuskRat

If you don’t think you as an individual have power: Apparently thousand of random individuals who spontaneously booed at a comedy show last night had power to hurt Muskrat’s feelings enough he disbanded the Twitter Trust and Safety Council tonight. #snowflake #pathetic

Marjorie Three Names says she would have brought guns and led a coup that would have succeeded. With her outside voice. Most people who said something like that would be arrested. Immediately.

The more interesting question is not why Twitter banned Velveeta Voldemort in 2017 but why it took them so long.

Sen. Mark Kelly, who just won re-election in Arizona, is moderate Democrat who quietly does his job Kyrsten Sinema, who changed registration to get out of 2024 Primary, is moderate who doesn’t do ANYTHING quietly. Which one do most Americans hear about? #DoBetterMedia

Many in GOP claimed border security was the top issue facing our country during midterms. Now apparently President Biden is sending some air marshalls to the border. GOP response “Biden is making our skies unsafe.”

Florida Senator. Rick Scott said Herschel Walker would “continue to be a leader” in the GOP “for years to come.” So many of us have worried about Walker’s mental state, maybe we need to start worrying about Scott’s?

Released prisoner Viktor Bout said in 1st interview he supports Putin’s war against Ukraine “And if I had chance & the required skills, I’d join up as a volunteer.” Uh, considering Putin’s drafting every Russian man alive and breathing, Bout should be on front lines next week.

Donald Trump Jr last night was attacking Hunter Biden for now being able to sell his paintings. Lest we forget, in 2020 Forbes reported “RNC spent more than $300,000 on Donald Trump Jr.’s self-published new book.”

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