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Secretariat is trending today and it’s because Bob Coglianese, the man who took this amazing picture, died this week. RIP. Was a kid at the time, but still one of the greatest sporting moments I got to see live on TV.

Why it’s not a great idea to bet on sports, example #36,500

Washington Wizards, 11-20, had lost 10 in a row, were playing in Phoenix against the Suns, who were 14-3 at home,

And Washington was playing without center Kristap Porzingis. So of course the Wizards won 113-110.

While their spring training facility, damaged by Hurricane Ian, is being repaired, the Tampa Bay Rays will split their 2023 spring training between Disney and Tropicana Field. So which is the more Mickey Mouse location?

Former football coach & current Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville spoke today in Senate on shortage of children’s flu/medications. He urged parents to seek advice of medical professionals on what to give kids. Same Tuberville fighting to remove vaccine mandates from US military.

Tammy Duckworth today on Senate Floor talks eloquently & personally about something GOP would prefer stay quiet with their anti-choice efforts; many “personhood” bills would make IVF illegal. Senator Duckworth herself used IVF to become a parent, Many GOP women use IVF too.

Roy Blunt in maybe last Senate speech talks about Dreamers, those brought here as children, who know no other home than US. “This is & should be easiest to solve. Alternative makes so little sense, on personal, economic, community level.” Agreed. Why doesn’t Senate just do it?

Fox News complaining regularly President Biden not going to Mexico. Joe announces he is going in January to meet with Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Fox News. Crickets.

TX Senator John Cornyn thinks Senate colleagues are trying to speed up spending bill process as weather is “accelerating peoples’ interest” in getting out of town. Since much of GOP doesn’t believe in science, would be great to see Republicans brought in line by Mother Nature.

Anyone still not thinking Electoral Count Act matters? Imagine if Mike Pence, who bowed to Velveeta Voldemort on everything else, agreed not to certify electoral votes. Or if VP were “unavoidly detained” We don’t know what couldn’t happened. Sure couldn’t have relied on SCOTUS.

Vermont’s Patrick Leahy, 82, has been in the Senate since 1974, and is now retiring. Little known consequence – this means Bernie Sanders, 81, will no longer be the JUNIOR Senator from Vermont.

Can we stop this GOP BS that the House voting to release Velveeta Voldemort’s tax returns threatens “average taxpayers?” Nope. It does threaten candidates running for the Presidency who think they can lie and avoid the requirement they need to release THEIR tax returns.

Marjorie Three Names is now attacking Lauren Boebert and accusing the barely re-elected Colorado congresswoman of” high school drama and media sound bites.” I could work all week and not write anything funnier than that.

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