Anything but free agents…

Well; if I didn’t already hate the Yankees…

Mookie Betts, now Xander Bogaerts. Who figured the Boston Red Sox as a farm team for the NL West?

GOP Chair Ronna McDowell

“We just have to understand why 1 Republican won (in GA) & 1 didn’t…why 1 Republican appealed to independents & another didn’t. If she really doesn’t know difference between Kemp & Warnock, as a Democrat all I can say is “re-elect her as FOP chair, please.”

As Tara Reade is trending, your reminder that she 100% lied about accusing then Senator Joe Biden. Her lie included that she wasn’t wearing panty-hose. In 1993 that would not not have been possible for a Senate intern.

Link below, from a 1993 Washington Post story. “DC’s Nylon Clad Rule.”-

Time Person of the year is Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Well deserved… And a whole lot of people won’t be cancelling their subscriptions since Time decided NOT to pick Muskrat.


Lots of hugs for Senator Reverend Warnock today on the Senate floor. Thank you Georgia for returning a good man to Washington!

Has Herschel Walker made it back home to Dallas yet?

Stephen Colbert kind of nails what many of us are thinking about Georgia.

“I come to you both gratified & terrified Gratified Raphael Warnock defeated Herschel Walker 51.4% to 48.6% Terrified 48.6% of Georgians looked at Walker & said “Yeah, guy should be a U.S. Senator.”

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