Worse and worse.

New Orleans Saints blow 13 point late 4th quarter lead against Tampa Bay Bucs and Tom Brady. Las Vegas Raiders with a 13 point late 4th quarter lead against LA Rams and …Baker Mayfield? Hold our beer.

As MLB free agent stars sign contracts upwards of $200 million.

Meanwhile AAA players make a minimum of $14,700 a year but if they are on the 40 man roster they make $46 thousand a year, and $93 thousand a year if it’s their second contract. And some still wonder why players will risk taking PEDS?

Meanwhile the Mets payroll with the re-signing of free-agent Brandon Nimmo, 8 years, $162 million, is now projected on Opening Day payroll to be $333 million,

No word on if the team will sell beer at Citi Field on the installment plan.

Great news that Brittney Griner is on her way home. Of course same Fox News and other conservative media complaining Biden wasn’t doing enough to get her home are now complaining about the deal. At least they’re consistent.

For all those complaining President Biden traded arms dealer who’d served about 1/2 his sentence for Brittney Griner.

Did anyone think, especially after seeing atrocities in Ukraine Putin was going to ler Griner her go in exchange for US releasing some Russian college kid detained over pot?

On top of everything else imagine if Paul Whelan were a gay man of color and Brittney Griner were a heterosexual blonde woman athlete.

Hoping incoming Senator J.D. Vance has been paying attention to farewell speech from Rob Portman & speeches from his colleagues on both sides of aisle. Portman irritated the heck out of me regularly, but in polarized time, he had many bipartisan moments. These days that’s rare.

Saddest thing about Senator Rob Portman’s retirement speech Thursday.

That fellow Midwestern Senator Ron Johnson isn’t also making a retirement speech. Please do better next time, Wisconsin.

Do understand that a handful of nominees are controversial, but as Senate confirms more of President Biden’s judicial nominees would love to hear some of these Republicans justify their “no” votes for any other reason than “Joe nominated them.”

House passed Senate version of Marriage Equality Bill, 258-169 vote, with 39 GOP yes votes. To the other 169: You say you care about religious freedom. But clearly you don’t give a damn about the freedom of people who don’t believe in YOUR religion to marry.

These December criminal referrals being discussed by January 6 commission for Velveeta Voldemort and four of his henchmen could really be called the ultimate Santa’s Naughty List.

Was at United Airlines business event & met a woman who works remotely.

After about a 15 minute very casual chat she said ‘thank you so much for talking, I came by myself but have really missed in-person conversation.” Guessing this is true for more of us than we realize.

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