Here come da judge?

That moment when the SF Giants offseason has more drama than the 2022 SF Giants season.

But looking at some of these contracts, even for names most casual fans have never heard of, hard to remember that it was within many of our lifetimes that MLB players had offseason jobs to “feed their familes.

College QB JT Daniels has entered the transfer portal from West Virginia. He’s previously played at USC and Georgia. Not sure if this kid will make the NFL, but he may play for more colleges than many players do in their pro careers.

Tonight was a good night for democracy. But a friend has long said Republicans would vote for a puppy in a Santa suit with an R by his name. Today’s great but closer than it should have been victory for Warnock against a joke of a candidate in Georgia proved her accurate.

Fully aware that what happens in Georgia is far more important in the grand scheme of things than who a baseball free agent signs with. But we liberal SF Giants fans are very capable of stress multi-tasking. #Warnock #Judge

Herschel will be fine and happy back in Texas back in his normal life of pondering werewolves and vampires. But how long until Velveeta Voldemort blames Walker for the loss in Georgia?

Gleeful Amy Klobuchar celebrating Senator Warnock’s win and talking about how he’s been reaching out to independents and moderates. “Every Senator loves the guy..We couldn’t be happier.” Have to wonder how many GOP Senators privately agree with her.

Senator Raphael Warnock makes an important point. Just because Georgians worked so hard to vote, doesn’t mean voter suppression doesn’t exist. We have to keep fighting for voting rights. “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Interesting how GOP loves to make the dishonest claim about how bad things are in urban areas in the United States. So IF that were true, wouldn’t voters in urban areas decide they’ve had enough and switch blue to red?

Well, Velveeta Voldemort wanted to be the top President for something. Looks like he’s going to be a runaway winner for criminal convictions.

There have been rumors almost from beginning that domestic terrorists who knocked out power to Moore County NC were motivated by hatred of LGBTQ community. If you need more evidence rumors are true – Fox News is completely ignoring the story.

Perfect to see hero police officers (and Brian Sicknick’s mother) this morning doing exactly to Mitch McConnell what he has done with January 6 attempted coup – pretend it didn’t exist.

Certainly wasn’t fan of Kirstie Alley in her later years, but loved her on Cheers. And 71 is way too young. RIP. Sam: “I want to sleep w/you 25 times, but you don’t want to sleep w/ me at all, am I right?” Rebecca. “Right.” Sam.” OK, so what’s 1/2 of 25? Rebecca. “Your IQ.”

Stephen Colbert – “Enough with Hunter Biden’s laptop. You don’t see anyone obsessing over the Former President’s son’s laptop. And Eric has a good one. It’s made by Fisher-Price and can tell you what sound a cow makes.”

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