Senior circuit.

Mets just signed Justin Verlander, 39, to pair him with Max Scherzer, 38, at the top of their rotation. Will the team be sponsored by AARP?

And somewhere Jamie Moyer is saying “I’m available.”

Saints have 3rd & 2 at Bucs 11, up 13-3, then 3rd & 1 up 16-3 late in 4th quarter lead trying to run out clock & coach Dennis Allen called pass plays – incomplete – twice??!

Am not an NFL coach but jeez, with Alvin Kamara AND Taysom Hill you don’t run for it? At least once. Even Pete Carroll “What were you THINKING?”

Cannot stand Tom Brady, but a very tiny silver lining in tonight’s Saints meltdown would be if it convinces Aaron Judge that a star can win without a big name team around him. #SFGiants

Hunter Biden was clearly a mess who admits he had serious problems with addiction & his father Joe, who loves him, stuck by his son every step of the way.

Meanwhile Velveeta Voldemort for years didn’t want to be photographed with his younger daughter because she was overweight.

Wonder how many Republicans are obsessed with Hunter Biden because they wish their dad loved them in good times and bad as Joe Biden clearly loves his son.


Watching GOP rant about COVID vaccines because Velveeta Voldemort made them political makes you realize if he were President when seat belt laws were introduced his cult followers would be cutting up their seatbelts in the name of freedom

Mitt Romney today in one of his better moments when asked by reporters in DC about Velveeta Voldemort: “Well, the Republican Party is the Constitution party. So when he calls to suspend the Constitution, he goes from being MAGA to being RINO.

Missouri GOP Sen. Roy Blunt on Velveeta Voldemort’s “termination” idea : “I stood 10 feet from him when he took oath of office & there was no emergency clause not to follow the Constitution.” Hah. Has Blunt learned midwest snark from his Rules colleague & friend Amy Klobuchar?

Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy, campaigning for Herschel Walker railed against “high IQ stupid people” in Congress who “think they have an answer for everything.”

John Kennedy, in case you didn’t know, is a Phi Beta Kappa who was senior class President at Vanderbilt, then was law review editor at University of Virginia & also went to Oxford..

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