0 for something

I LIKE Justin Verlander but if we’re talking World Series, forget comparison to equally bad Clayton Kershaw.

Justin’s WS line so far 8 games, 0-6, 6.07 ERA,

Compared to 5 games, 4-1 0.25 ERA There is only one Madison Bumgarner. #ForeverGiant

If Astros get another 4-0 lead in World Series they should either only score two runs or not score at all until Phillies score a run. Dusty Baker clearly is cursed with 5-0 leads. –

Brooklyn Nets issued statement condemning Kyrie Irving’s promotion of an antisemitic film.

This after Irving’s anti-vax, flat-earth statements etc.

So question is, how long until Kyrie’s skills diminish enough that teams & advertisers cut him loose?

Reports that Paul Pelosi, 82, had presence of mind at 2 am to call 911 & speak in code to dispatcher to get police to home ASAP.

Otherwise outcome might well have been sadly different

Susan Collins only few weeks ago “I wouldn’t be surprised if senator or House member were killed,”

Meanwhile Fox News on Pelosi attack gone from

“no motive”


“linked to radical nudist”

Same Fox News wants to shut down border if 1 immigrant so much as injures someone in car accident.

to Laura Ingraham: “will Democrats attempt to use actions of one lone lunatic to chill political speech?”

Fox News now headlining Paul Pelosi assault subject was “concerning online presence and ties to radical nudist activist.”

The man posted videos from the My Pillow Guy, along with COVID, January 6 and Q-Anon conspiracy theories. There is no bottom.

ESPN headline – “Rams WR Cooper Kupp: ‘All NFL games should be played on grass.” Guess he’s talking about artificial turf. But Kupp could be talking about legalized marijunana.

Velveeta Voldemort loved to accuse Democrats of a “war on Christmas.

Velveeta Voldemort is fundraising by selling “Let’s go Brandon.” Christmas wrapping paper. No joke.

Jesus wept.

Anyone who predicts 2022 midterm results at this point is guessing.

But there is a method to the madness of GOP election deniers. If they win, they will gloat. If they lose, they will claim cheating.

Democracy in these cases has become playing Candyland with a three year old.

And look, I have a twisted sense of humor. But I am not an elected official and yeah, some things I don’t say even in writing..

Anyone else waiting for Glenn Youngkin to apologize for his ill-conceived joke about Paul and Nancy Pelosi?

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