Who dat cat

The voodoo cat is irreplacable. But the voodoo kitten is learning her job.

Basketball is not politics. And the NBA season is young.

But the pundits said San Antonio would win 20 games out of 82.

Seven games into the season they’re 5-2. Pundits can be wrong.

In football you don’t have to worry about the redundant phrase ‘complete game shutout.’ But for New Orleans Saints today’s effort against the Las Vegas Raidersat was a complete game. And for the defense, a shutout.

If North Carolina elects her to the Senate, Cheri Beasley will help create a lot of new jobs in the state.

One job, however, was probably already created by Eddy Pinero on Sunday – Carolina Panthers place-kicker.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels ”

“I apologize to Raider Nation for that performance and, again, I own that. That’s my responsibility.”

Uh, even as a Saints fan, when you lose 24-0 to a 2-5 team, I think the responsibility just might go a little further than the coach.

Michelle Wolf made joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ “perfect smokey eye makeup…” and GOP along with conservative media lost their collective minds.

Glenn Youngkin jokes about Nancy Pelosi and her husband after Paul Pelosi was attacked & injured with a hammer…and crickets.

On SNL – Cecily Strong as Kari Lake asked about 2020 election denial. “Can you media types just get over the one thing I made the centerpiece of my campaign for months…” And, “If the people of Arizona elect me I’ll make sure they never have to vote ever again.

I’m thinking nostalgically back to the days when “Vote for the Worst” was only a thing on American Idol.

Not an SNL skit. CNN reports Maggie Hassan’s GOP Senate opponent shared at a Thursday event the hoax claim children are being told they can identify as cats & use litter boxes in schools.

But yeah, the GOP hasn’t become a cult… #sarcasm

One reason I’m such an Amy Klobuchar fan is she gets to the point. After a discussion on social media security she was asked “Now that Elon Musk runs Twitter do you trust him?”

“No, I do not.”

But while I post a lot on Amy Klobuchar. Cory Booker is also a really good Senator.

He’s traveled to campaign recently for Warnock, Beasley, Hassan, Fetterman & Bennet.

This week his plan is to hel Whitmer, Barnes & Cortez Masto. Amy & Cory are working very hard.

Media would prefer to cover the train wrecks in Congress and say Democrats aren’t fighting.

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