Who dat bad?

The New Orleans Saints are 2-5. If they win on Sunday they could be tied for the NL South lead.

Meanwhile, while things are tense on Twitter tonight with new ownership, at least Tom Brady and the Bucs are getting owned by the Baltimore Ravens.

Today’s GOP full of conservative family values types who nonetheless have fallen in line behind an adulterous radical because they both care about winning.

But they are apoplectic Liz Cheney has endorsed moderate Democrat Elissa Slotkin because they both care about democracy..

As a white woman I am conscious of privilege. But that moment when a troll calls you a Karen because you attack Kari Lake…. ??!!

Also that moment you are reminded… trolls are really stupid

Dear Arizona Republicans:

All snark aside, while he wouldn’t have been thrilled about the choice, you KNOW Senator John McCain in this general election would have endorsed Katie Hobbs.

GOP: We are genuflecting before a would-be Senator who admits domestic violence, has lied about the number of children he has, and has now been accused by at least two women of paying for their abortion. Also GOP: We impeached President Clinton over a consensual blow job.

GOP claims they would be better for the economy than Democrats. And for a great example on how Conservative led government focused on tax cuts for wealthy would do they point us to Great Britain and Liz Truss… Oops.

So hypothetically speaking how many women would have to allege Herschel Walker paid for their abortion before GOP Senators would distance themselves from him?

Herschel Walker is denying he paid for a 2nd abortion, adding. “I didn’t kill JFK either.” Since Walker, born March 3, 1962, was a toddler at the time of JFK’s assassination, that second statement I actually believe.

New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak no longer expected to attend COP27 climate summit in Egypt in Nov. due to “other pressing commitments.”

As any travel agent or travel planner knows- COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh is logistical nightmare. Maybe even he couldn’t get decent flight or hotel room?

WTAF? Steven McCraw said he would resign as Director of Texas Department of Public Safety after Uvalde if it turned out they had failed, but now says “As an institution, we didn’t fail the community.”

Uh, how exactly many dead children would have constituted failure?

Stephen Colbert nails on upcoming midterms saying HE knows what’s going to happen. “For the next 13 days news media is going to yank our chains like they’re trying to start a leaf blower.”

Ignore what media says. Vote like democracy depends on it. Because it does. #VoteBlue

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