Gap in the year.

Astros swept, Phillies won in 5. But World Series doesn’t start until Friday. I already miss baseball.

Yeah the Spurs are in an acknowledged rebuilding year.

But San Antonio IS 3-1.

Gregg Popovich coached teams do not tank.

Weird bit of trivia from across the pond.

Widely reported that Rishi Sunak is the first person of colour to be Prime Mininster of Great Britain.

He is also the first graduate of Stanford Business School to be Prime Minister of Great Britain.

If Democrats hold the House and pick up at least two Senate seats a lot of stuff will get done to benefit average Americans in the next two years.

But competence isn’t clickbait.

The media is rooting for chaos. Period.

GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski, running for re-election in Alaska, just said she will vote to re-elect Dem Rep. Mary Peltola & vice versa.

Should be great story; 2 women who care about their state more than they care about party politics.

So why isn’t it getting more attention?

When you’re innocent, you want a chance to tell the truth to clear your name.

Lindsey Graham doesn’t want to testify.

This is a lot easier to figure out than a Wordle

Another thing that would be funny if it weren’t our democracy we’re talking about:

Same GOP & conservative media who spend so much time trying to amplify the slightest Biden misstep into a sign of dementia sure do adore the “Person, woman, man, camera, TV” guy.

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