Winter is coming

Dear Aaron Judge. In San Francisco fans will not boo you. Love and hint hint, #SFGiants fans.

Sports is relatively biparisan. Have cheered loudly for athletes who vote against me.

But how many true sports fans would claim they wouldn’t accept any outcomes where their team lost? And yes, I’m a Saints fan & New Orleans was scr*wed in 2019. But we didn’t riot over it.

Not condoning what the Houston Astros did in 2017. But if anyone thinks the Astros were the only team cheating with signs, I have a bridge not too far from the NY Yankees to sell them.

This is finding common ground: Ted Cruz and I are rooting for the same team in the World Series. To quote Cory Booker “not taking away my joy.”

In Dusty we trusty. #ForeverGiant

In an incredibly polarized time in America, at least most of the country could come together to enjoy Tom Brady getting his a** kicked by the Carolina Panthers today.

If MLB hadn’t expanded the playoffs in 2022 the Philadelphia Phillies, the third wild card, wouldn’t have even made the postseason. Now they’re going to the World Series.

Republicans punish undocumented immigrants, but not those who employ them. Republicans punish pregnant women, not the men who get them pregnant. See the pattern?

If you want reason to be happy about ALCS NLCS results, even if you don’t care about Astros or Phillies.. Short series, 4 & 5 games respectively, meant lot less revenue for Fox Sports.

And less opportunity for Stephen Miller’s dishonest “Citizens for Sanity” PAC to spew hate.

Something I really don’t get. Media in US seems to love idea of authoritarian leadership because they think it will be better for ratings. Have they paid attention to what happens to journalists & media in countries currently run by authoritarians? Russia, China, Hungary, Iran…

If the issue hadn’t been decided decades ago today’s Republicans would campaign against seat belt laws.

GOP likes to talk about economy. What if… you’re in school & can’t afford baby? you’re married w/ kids & can’t afford another child? you can’t afford time off work for pregnancy? you can’t afford hospital bills for nonviable fetus?

Women’s rights are economic rights.

Serious question, why does anyone watch Chuck Todd?

Velveeta Voldemort had a rally in Robstown, Texas Saturday night

Robstown, in case you didn’t know, (I didn’t) is a suburb of Corpus Christi. But apparently VV still owes El Paso $500k for 2019 rally. So maybe no bigger city would take him.

Jamie Raskin is in Michigan & Minnesota campaigning for Democrats. Cory Booker in Arizona & Connecticut campaigning for Democrats. Amy Klobuchar’s seemingly everywhere campaigning for Democrats.

But media ignores them for loser’s rally in TX & says Dems need to fight harder?

For anyone who wants to “both sides” this 2022 midterms… 1. Give me a single example of serious 2020 voter fraud. 2. Give me a single example of where 2022 voter suppression is targeted against white people.

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