An ill wind..

Open note to the NY Yankees complaining about wind at Minute Maid Park. If they had wanted to have game 2 of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium all they had to do was win more regular season games than the Astros. Just saying.

Todd Gurley told NFL Network that he hasn’t sent in his retirement papers, but said he doesn’t “think there’s any question” that he’s done playing football.

Translation, Gurley has no intention of coming back. Unless some team is crazy enough to pay him a ridiculous amount of money.

Now LSU Brian Kelly says instant replay in college football is “ruining the game. Wonder if he’d be as upset if his first year coaching the Tigers had a record better than 5-2.

SD’s Jurickson Profar ejected after dropping F-bomb on home plate umpire after questionable checked swing call in Padres-Phillies game Friday. With those racist despicable “Citizens for Sanity” ads airing during games, I’ve dropped several F-bombs watching postseason myself.

Glad to see Bruce Bochy back in the dugout. Even gladder to see him in the AL where he won’t manage against the SF Giants often.

Amy Klobuchar loves to use the Midwestern phrase “all foam no beer.”

Seems to me it describes Kari Lake, a TV anchor with all show and no substance, pretty well. But since Lake is from Arizona maybe better to say “all salt, no tequila?”

Or as a friend said “all worm, no tequila.”

Velveeta Voldemort’s next vanity rally is this weekend in Texas. Since Texas is such a strong second amendment state presume that means of course attendees will be allowed to bring firearms? Or at least they will be able to avoid metal detectors as he wanted on January 6?.

In North Carolina 2018 midterms:

Voter turnout of 25-30 year olds was 39%

Voter turnout of 18 to 25 year olds was 29%

Bump that up in 2022 and North Carolina will elect Cheri Beasley to the Senate!

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