When they’re down…

Jose Altuve is 0-19 in the postseason season, after another very good, not record-breaking year for the Houston Astros. But Houston fans were not booing him tonight at Minute Maid Park.

Aaron Judge will either be AL MVP or the runner-up, and after an 0-8 start to postseason NY fans were booing him in Yankee Stadium.

And if some wonder why Judge might be playing his last season in pinstripes?

Clearly there are more important issues facing our country but TBS announcers salivating over the Yankees at every opportunity is annoying as h*ll.

I wasn’t even a Colin Kaepernick fan when he was with the SF 49ers and at this point watching Andy Dalton I want the Saints to give him a chance at this point.

I’d call Liz Truss the Lady Jane Grey of Prime Ministers but at least Liz will escape with her head.

Beginning to think Midwestern Nice snark originated in Great Britain after this week.

One of many excellent efforts from across the pond:

Among the lies Republicans tell is that Democrats are the party of the elite. No lie more obvious than in Ohio, where populist Congressman Tim Ryan is running against billionaire Peter Thiel funded California Venture Capitalist JD Vance.

Still processing that Amy Coney Barrett didn’t block President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. But she did go to Notre Dame Law School on a full-tuition scholarship. Is it just possible Barrett has some sympathy for middle class as long as women’s rights aren’t involved?

Understandable in tough times for global economy that most Americas are more focused on things at home instead of overseas. But today is not a bad day for us to look over to England to see how well the idea of more tax cuts for the wealthy worked out for that country.

Can someone ask Texas officials on camera why they are sending “inspectors” only to monitor Democrat-leaning counties?

Snarky but serious question to women in purple/blue states who don’t think it matters if they vote or who they vote for in Congressional or Senate races because their state protects reproductive rights. What part of “national abortion ban” do you not understand?

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