Boys of winter, spring, summer and fall

2022-2023 NBA regular season started tonight. Didn’t the 2021-2022 season just end last week?

NFL second-year player and first year Tampa Bay Bucs starting Center Rainsey said of Tom Brady chewing the offensive line out last weekend “.

“Everyone can call it what they want, but I want nothing else from a quarterback than that — than the guy who’s wanting to tell us what we need to do and step up, I love that from him. I know we all love that from him. “

Could be true. On the other hand. So some almost rookie gets asked what he thinks of Tampa Bay’s future Hall of Famer’s behavior towards teammate and he’s going to call Brady out for being an a**hole?

As SCOTUS decides whether Harvard can consider race as factor in admission, Ketanji Brown Jackson has recused herself because she had been on Harvard’s board of overseers. But Clarence Thomas won’t recuse in election cases after wife Ginni tried to overturn 2020 election?

Spirit Airlines shareholders voted to be acquired by JetBlue. JetBlue “plan is to join w/ Spirit to create high-quality, low-fare national challenger to AA, Delta, United & Southwest.”

Have heard Spirit called many things, some unprintable. but never “high-quality, low fare.”

Listening to the dangerous drivel coming out of the mouth of Marsha Blackburn it is really hard sometimes to remember that Tennessee voters in my lifetime also elected Al Gore as their Senator.

Think we’ll ever know how many people died in Florida from Hurricane Ian?

If Jeffrey Dahmer were a Republican, beginning to think that today’s media would feel compelled to intersperse coverage of his murders alongside interviews with people he didn’t eat.

If you’re watching MLB playoff games you’ll see unbelievably racist anti-immigrant ads by “Citizens for Sanity?” Who are they? Per OpenSecrets, group’s board includes 3 members of America First Legal Foundation, group founded by Stephen Miller.

“Deplorable” isn’t strong enough

A friend asked, while a Stephen Miller funded group runs anti-immgrant ads during the MLB playoffs, how many players are from the Caribbean?

Yordan Alvarez is a CUBAN defector who got to the US after living in Haiti. Gleyber Torres is Venezualan. For starters.

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