We hardly knew ye…

44 games, 167 ABs, 17 runs, 18 RBIs and 7 home runs. All in 2011. What the SF Giants got out of Carlos Beltran, for who they traded Zack Wheeler to the Mets. OTOH, in 2012 Giants did get Hunter Pence from Phillies for Nate Schierholtz, Tommy Joseph & Seth Rosin.

Yankees won their best of 5 series today against the Guardians. And Fox executives, still bemoaning the Dodgers’ ignominous early exit, at least don’t have to have nightmares of imagining ratings for a possible of a Cleveland-San Diego World Series.

Of course, many of these playoff games are STILL only on TBS. So average American sport fans who may not know players on the remaining teams aren’t likely to find new favorites.

Most Americans have seen or read about Herschel Walker flashing that fake badge. How many Americans know Val Demings had a 27 year career with the Orlando police department, culminating in 4 years as police chief???

Stock market, while volatile, has gone up this week. United Airlines just reported they are forecasting a higher profit in 2022 than 2019 with strong demand projected. For one example. And media keeps saying the economy will HURT Democrats?

This headline for anyone who knows ANYONE who still believes Tulsi Gabbard was ever a Democrat: “Tulsi Gabbard to campaign for Kari Lake, Blake Masters in Arizona.”

Have criticized Maggie Haberman lately for sitting on important information for her book. But also, Bob Woodward has also kept information – on COVID being airborne and now on Velveeta Voldemort bragging about having classified documents – for HIS books and audiobook.

Some Republicans and conservative media are feigning outrage at Eric Swalwell’s ad with a woman getting arrested for having an abortion. Saying it would never happen. I’m so old I remember Republicans nominees saying Roe V. Wade was settled law too.

Seriously there is a big effort by GOP politicians to pretend, as did their SCOTUS nominees, that they aren’t radical. Don’t fall for it.

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