Washed out

Guardians – Yankees rained out. And your reminder that World Series after MLB owners’ lock out and extra playoffs can now go until November 5.

MLB has to be glad Red Sox, Rockies and Twins not in it. But even so, what’s coming? A snow delay?!

Headline today “”Tom Brady is not getting special treatment,” insists Bucs coach Todd Bowles.”

NBC SNL Weekend Update writers thinking ‘Can’t top that.”

Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan tonight to J.D. Vance: “You keep talking about Nancy Pelosi. You want to run against Nancy Pelosi, move back to San Francisco & run against Nancy Pelosi. You’re running against me.” To be fair, since Vance likely to move back to CA if he loses, JD may get confused.

Los Angeles Dodgers had highest payroll and most wins in baseball, but they were eliminated in the first round of 2022 playoffs by the San Diego Padres.

Maybe the team should have borrowed from GOP playbooks and just pursued strategy of saying they’d just refused to accept results they didn’t like?

It’s actually logistically simple:

If Kari Lake really though she was going to win Arizona gubernatorial election she’d say “Of course I’ll accept the results.”

Lake saying she’ll accept only if she wins is because she wants an excuse ready when she loses.

Adam Kinzinger sums it up “There is something going on in the Secret Service, either pure incompetence, all the way on the scale up to potentially very criminal activity, or just having a preference for one side or the other.” (Could be more than one of the above.)

So abortion isn’t your “issue.”

And you don’t think GOP will come for birth control

Or for marriage equality

Or for Endangered Species Act

Or for Clean Air Act

Or for Medicare Or for Social Security.

Many people thought SCOTUS wouldn’t overturn Roe v. Wade either. #VOTE

Media seems to have a story every day about President Biden being 80 years old. If they are so concerned about age why aren’t there any stories about 89 year old Chuck Grassley running for re-election. If re-elected he would be 95 in the last year of his term.

Thinking about silence from GOP after threats from Kanye & Velveeta Voldemort about Jewish people. And thinking back to 2018 when conservatives & media lost their collective minds when Democrats didn’t condemn Michelle Wolf over joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ eye shadow.

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3 Comments on “Washed out”

  1. Dennis Mar Says:

    Hello Janice,
    Thoughtful letter-to-the-editor about Kevin Del Leon in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.
    Best wishes,
    ..Dennis Mar
    Monterey, CA

  2. And yeah, i was annoyed at him because i thought his primary wasted money that Dems could have spent on other races. But what a POS.

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