1-hundred and done.

SF Giants won 107 games in 2021 season but fell short in NLDS against a team that won 106 games.

111 wins in 2022 Los Angeles Dodgers against an 89 win opponent in NLDS – hold our beer.

But yeah, the Los Angeles Dodgers with 111 wins, wanted to go down in history. As it turns out they did. The successors to the 116 win 2001 Seattle Mariners

From my funny friend Marc Ragovin “Only the LA City Council had a worse week than the Dodgers.”

True story: Tony Gwynn autographing baseballs at Candlestick in 1992. Took my then young son over.

Said “Tony, if SF Giants leave for Tampa we might have to become Padres fans here.” Gwynn in innocence or deadpan “You wouldn’t become Dodgers fans?” Can still hear boos ringing in ears. #BeatLA

Besides the 111 win Dodgers, the Atlanta Braves and NY Mets both won 101 games in 2022. And now they’re all going to be spending the rest of the postseason watching from their couches.

Only 100 win team left in postseason – the Houston Astros. And however you feel about the Astros, it is impossible to root against Dusty Baker

Tennessee knocked off Alabama 52-49 So can we say the tide got rolled?

(My sister suggests – the Tide got Volled..)

After losing in the last seconds against Oregon State last weekend, Stanford was likely to have lot all their remaining 2022 games.

But think most Stanford fans would agree. If the Cardinal were somehow allotted ONE additional 2022 win, while their first choice would be vs Cal, a close second would be vs Notre Dame.

So far in 2022 season Tom Brady, 45, has been warned for smashing tablets, fined for kicking another player & today was seen berating his own teammates on the sideline. What’s next Sunday in Charlotte? Brady screaming at both the Bucs & Panthers to get off his lawn?

Dana Bash asked AZ GOP Kari Lake 3 times if she would accept results of her upcoming election for governor if she loses. Lake dodged twice then said “I’m going to win election, & I will accept that result.”

I’m a sports fan who hates losing. But iImagine a sports team saying, we will only accept results if we win.

SNL Weekend Update didn’t seem particularly funny this weekend. Maybe because after the Georgia Senate debate & some of the insane BS from Dr. Oz, Kari Lake and Ron Johnson, for examples, it’s really hard to top reality with sature.

Fox News headline ” Saudi Arabia’s defense minister ‘astonished’ by ‘accusations’ that Saudis are aligned with Russia. In related news the defense minister presumably was “shocked, shocked, there is gambling in Casablanca.”

Meanwhile a former President of the United States attacks Jewish people in America – saying “U.S. Jews have to get their act together…Before it is too late.” And the media just shrugs.

By using filibuster, Republican Senators have blocked many things Democrats want to do to benefit the American people. Then they claim Democrats aren’t doing enough for the American people.

Something I seriously don’t get: If you’re having surgery, you want the smartest & best doctor. If you need legal help you want the smartest & best lawyer.

How did GOP convince so many Americans that for important work of leading our country, just being a celebrity is enough?

So if Herschel Walker loses to Reverend Warnock in November will he show up at the U.S. Capitol with a fake Senate Lapel pin.

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2 Comments on “1-hundred and done.”

  1. Dave Fabrizi Says:

    Did you forget the 1144-win 1998 Yankees?

  2. Dave Fabrizi Says:

    Did you forget the 114-win 1998 Yankees?

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