Not quite on script.

Congratulations to the Cleveland Guardians for Friday’s win.. Apparently they did not get the memo they were supposed to be swept by the Yankees.

Still wouldn’t bet against either Yankees or Dodgers at this point, but must confess I do enjoy the thought of Fox terror at idea of Guardians or Padres replacing either of them in the World Series.

After 2 games of ALDS, Aaron Judge is now 0 for-7 with a walk against the Guardians & is getting booed by Yankee Stadium fans. Dear Aaron, another reason to come play for SF Giants – Giants fans (almost) never boo our own players- even when we were tested on that resolve in 2022

As an SF Giants fan it’s kind of bizarre to watch a game at Petco Park where you can hear most fans are rooting for the Padres.

Last week, Falcons’ Grady Jarret got roughing the passer penalty for tackling Tom Brady. NFL now fining Brady $11,139 for kicking Jarret on play. Tom Brady football 2022 salary alone $15 million plus $15 millon that was deferred, so for most of us, this is like $1 in swear jar.

During Wisconsin Senate debate Ron Johnson & Mandela Barnes were each asked to say something something”admirable”about each other . Barnes “He has proven to be family man. That’s absolutely to be respected.”

Johnson “He had good upbringing, but he’s turned against us…Why does he find America awful?”

Ron Johnson would be an embarrassment in a red state…. but in a purple state like Wisconsin?

Herschel Walker lied on Twitter this week & accused Reverend Warnock of being “a preacher that likes abortion even after birth.” 1. Why wasn’t this tweet removed as dangerous lie? 2. Warnock is a good man, how can anyone regardless of politics vote for the awful Walker?

3 women, 16 yr-old boy & police officer fatally shot in Raleigh. Barely made the news cycle.

Suspect is 15 yr-old boy whose name has not been released. Fox News & conservative media quick to to publish descriptions any time person of color or immigrant is accused of crime. They left out that he is white.

WTAF – From CNN site “Herschel Walker flashed his badge & tried to tie Raphael Warnock to President Biden, while abortion remained flashpoint for both candidates.” Uh, except it was FAKE BADGE. Flashing it was not just violation of debate rules, it was a lie.

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3 Comments on “Not quite on script.”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    Only the LA City Council had a worse week than the Dodgers

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