Thursday too late.

How many more revelations come out before NFL persuades Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder to retire by convincing him to run for US Senate in a red state?

NFL Thursday night football Commanders-Bears final score 12-7.

When you see a 12-7 final score you’d assume the game would be pretty bad. Apparently (I didn’t watch) you’d be right.

Admittedly I am pro-death penalty in rare cases.

If the Parkland high school massacre wasn’t one of those rare cases, what is?

And how many taxpayer dollars is Florida going to have to pay for extra security for the Parkland killer to make sure he survives in prison?

New survey finds many Americans have lied about their COVID status. Leaving aside the “water is wet’ comment, how many Americans have lied about lying about their COVID status.

Be careful out there.

So much to unravel on previously unseen footage from January 6… But how many REPUBLICAN leaders were there with Nancy Pelosi, in what was clearly a dire situation? And they are now supporting Velveeta Voldemort and pretending nothing serious happened.

A friend makes a great point as media for some reason is obsessed with John Fetterman’s captioning device. How many Senators use hearing aids? Can reporters start asking them?

Liz Cheney makes important point.

Velveeta Voldemort himself knew election was not stolen. But he thought he could coerce enough of his fellow Republicans to back him. And he thought GOP voters are stupid.

He was right on the 1st, we need to prove him wrong on the 2nd. Vote

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