Such a deal

Jeopardy answer for the day: Josh Fields. .. .. .. .. Who is the player the Los Angeles Dodgers got from the Houston Astros in exchange for Yordan Alvarez?

Tonight’s fundraising insanity from Velveeta Voldemort “An EXCLUSIVE OFFER to win the SPECIAL-EDITION Tr*mp Football Helmet that he HAND-SIGNED for YOU.”

While I support football helmets in general you could argue they didn’t do a d*mn thing to protect Herschel Walker.

Fox News just referred to “Former President Tr*mp.” Uh oh, don’t tell him.

January 6 committee is going to subpoena Velveeta Voldemort. Can someone please tell him that his testimony would be the bigliest ever ratings????

Hah – tonight Fox News website headline: “Newly released video shows Nancy Pelosi threatened to ‘punch out’ Trump on Jan. 6.” Well, this might be the first time in history Fox said something nice about Speaker Pelosi!

Reminder, while SCOTUS has radical Federalist Society members, those six are only right-wing radicals who know their jobs now will never depend on kow-towing to Velveeta Voldemort. So they are likely to show him the same loyalty he shows those who are no longer useful to him.

So much to unravel on previously unseen footage from January 6…

But how many REPUBLICAN leaders were there with Nancy Pelosi, in what was clearly a dire situation? And they are now supporting Velveeta Voldemort and pretending nothing serious happened.

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