Duck? Duck? Good

Randy Johnson is trending and it’s about him being a professional photographer. Very cool. I was worried for a second Randy had thrown a ball and hit that goose at Dodger Stadium.

Think we can all agree on a bipartisan basis that numerous baseball fans including children were spared serious trauma tonight since no one hit the goose at Dodger Stadium with a line drive.

Must admit to being charmed that during #Postseason game of baseball, a sport known for its incredibly detailed & esoteric rules, there were folks out there educating us that the bird on Dodger stadium field was not just a goose, but a “greater white-fronted goose. “

Not saying Los Angeles Dodgers fans are getting blase about playoff games. But tickets for Wednesday’s game at Dodger Stadium were available for under $50. Where tickets to San Diego’s Petco Park for this weekend start about $200 standing room only.

Apparently Chris Matthews says his brother won’t go to a Phillies game “because there’s too much crime downtown.”

Uh, I’m a baseball fan living in California but have been to Citizen’s Bank Park. Nice stadium but not CLOSE to downtown. Several miles away actually. No lie too small.

Not a joke – Velveeta Voldemort fundraising email of the afternoon starts out: “DID YOU HEAR? I am the #1 PRESIDENTIAL GOLFER IN HISTORY!” – Can’t imagine how this man has a reputation as a malignant narcissist.

For Republicans, or anyone with GOP friends. Ask yourself/them:. If a Democratic candidate had allegedly paid for an abortion, would you dismiss it as not important? Of course we know if a GOP candidate had a stroke it would be “how DARE anyone attack him over medical issue.”

The official death toll from Hurricane Ian in Florida is now over 100. And it’s rising. And we still don’t have a good answer why people in Fort Myers area weren’t told to evacuate sooner. If Florida were a blue state GOP would be calling for impeaching the Governor.

Media obsessed w/ John Fetterman’s stroke & if it might affect his ability to serve in Senate going forward. Hey media, Fetterman is getting better & better. If you’re worried about a 2022 Senate candidate’s cognition going forward, spend some time following Chuck Grassley, who just turned 89 and is running for another six year term.

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