Spurred on.

San Antonio Spurs were projected to win 20-21 games in the 2022-23 season. Four games in, they’ve won three. It is just possible that Gregg Popovich is a very good coach.

Meanwhile the Los Angeles Lakers are 0-3 and shooting 21.2% on three-point attempts. 21.2%??!!! Shaquille O’Neal’s free throw percentage was almost three times as good by comparison (.582)

Aaron Judge has to have a pretty thick skin to have played in the Bronx. But still can’t have felt good to be booed repeatedly in the postseason this year by home-town fans at Yankee Stadium.

Dear Aaron, in San Francisco, fans don’t boo our stars.

Can anyone imagine if a woman politician said “local political officials” should be part of the decision making process on if unmarried men could use Viagra?

On top of the pure ableist meanness GOP is directing at John Fetterman as he recovers from a stroke (and he IS recovering), Republicans have the unmitigated gall to question John’s fitness at the same time they shrug and say Herschel Walker’s mental state doesn’t matter.

Sorry, Dr. Oz, “Local political leaders” need to stay the h*ll out of our bedrooms and our hospitals.

And for anyone paying attention it’s also obvious that that GOP has the same stategy for gay marriage -let red states refuse to accept it. The only “gaffe” on this is that Dr. Oz said the quiet part out loud.

Not that I expect decency from Mitch McConnell. But you’d think a polio survivor would feel some responsibility to warn people about vaccines for the upcoming winter.

Hey Adidas. I don’t buy your clothes and shoes anyway so I can’t boycott.. but what took you so long to dump Ye?

Yesterday’s school shooting barely made headlines. Now reading things like “witnesses say lives saved after gunman’s weapon jammed mid-attack, & “St Louis Public Schools say police ‘quickly stopped’ the gunman. So “ONLY” two died. This is a success story?

It’s the guns, stupid.

About the same time you realize that GOP positions are so far out of the mainstream for average Americans is the moment you TRULY get why GOP’s election strategy has switched from looking for votes to voter suppression.

WTF Fox News? Just read their synopsis of Pete Buttigieg’s interview on Stephen Colbert Tuesday: “Buttigieg also shared that his mindset changed “completely” since adopting twins with his partner, Chasten.” Partner?! The word, Fox News, is HUSBAND. Pete & Chasten are married.

Two weeks to go before the midterms. For anyone who ever studied history and wondered what you might do to save democracy, this is your chance. Donate, volunteer, speak up, VOTE!

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