Right thing, wrong reason

Kansas City Royals second baseman Whit Merrifield, who has so far refused the COVID vaccine, indicated he might reconsider if traded to a team in contention that needed to travel to Canada.

Now Merrifield was traded to Toronto Blue Jays.

Waiting for Whit to come up with a creative “It’s not the money” reason for getting vaccinaated.

A break from politics and Dodger-bashing. RIP Vin Scully, 94. One of the greatest ever. (And Vin used to say, he grew up an SF Giants fan.)

Reminder in many of these GOP primaries, it’s always the most passionate, and often extreme, voters who come out in primaries. Remember 2020, California? The big winner for the Democrats on March 3 was Bernie Sanders, 36% to 28% over his nearest challenger Joe Biden.

Remember, Kansas governor is Democrat Laura Kelly. Even in red states some races are winnable. And it starts at a local level. #GetMadAndVote #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

With all the celebrities we’ve had run for office lately, this week making me wish the one who would join them is Jon Stewart.

Apparently even Republican women in Kansas think SCOTUS has gone too far. What’s next on GOP agenda. Repealing the 19th Amendment?

We know it’s been good few days for Democrats w/ agreement on a prescription drug/climate bill, passing PACT act for veterans & killing Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahir… How good? Fox News’ lead headline is about Paul Pelosi’s DUI. Amazed they didn’t link him to Hunter Biden.

Georgia’s new anti-abortion law allows people to claim embryos & fetuses as dependents worth $3,000 in tax credits. Uh, so if life begins at conception, shouldn’t every woman under 55 who has had sex be automatically be able to add those tax credits? Because you never know.

So if embroyos and fetuses in Georgia are now going to be eligible for tax credits up to $3,000, could be very lucrative for couples to consider IVF. Wonder if there’s a cap? They really don’t think this misogynistic crap through, do they?

Stephen Colbert getting serious last night on PACT act for Veterans exposed to toxins. “If there are children in room, tell them to age quickly & please vote.” “25 GOP Senators who voted for bill earlier, flipped their vote.” Then Colbert flipped them a finger. You can guess which one.

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