Oops I didn’t hit send

so follow up from last night

Has any team in baseball lost two games in a row where they loaded the bases on back to back nights late in the game with zero outs and scored a total of zero runs?

Asking for an SF Giants fan friend who MIGHT be drinking wine…

Amazing truth heard on KNBR today: The late great Vin Scully’s career spanned 45% of MLB history.

Making dinner including a pre-washed bag of baby potatoes which lists roasting and boiling times. Also on the package “remove bag before cooking.” Some moments I really feel for our country..

Stephen Colbert tells story of how President Biden wanted to be so careful not to hurt innocents he had a scale model of Al-Qaeda leader’s house brought to White House so he could examine it. “It’s nice when President says bring me a model and he doesn’t mean a new wife. “

Regarding Stephen Moss tampering story, apparently Dolphins owner improperly talked to Tom Brady in 2019, 2020 AND 2021. Uh, takes 2 to talk. And Brady doesn’t even get his hand slapped. Had Ross talked to Brees NFL would’ve probably suspended 1/2 the Saints for a year. #WhoDat

Velveeta Voldemort fundraising email today starts with a question: “If you voted for me a 3rd time… WHO WOULD YOU WANT TO SEE ON THE TICKET AS MY VP CANDIDATE?”

I can see him asking now… “would it kill you to be my VP?”

Indiana Rep, Jackie Walorski, GOP, was killed with two aides today in car accident. Really sad story

But when I went to Wikipedia to see who Rep. Walorski was… I couldn’t get screen shot fast enough, but someone had edited Wikipedia to say she was murdered before she could expose Biden ties to Ukraine. No joke.

It’s fixed, but if you still wondered how twisted some cult members are..

Conventional wisdom in Kansas flew off its foundation last night faster than Dorothy Gale’s house in that tornado.

Actually quoting Lindsey Graham for first time in ages, in support of Finland & Sweden joining NATO

“1 person I want to thank is Pres Putin from Russia. Without you we wouldn’t be here. You’ve done more to strengthen NATO than any speech I could give. John McCain, I wish you were alive to celebrate.”

So since some of these election deniers won their primaries last night will they be consistent and demand their own elections be thrown out as fraudulent?

It was never just about stopping abortions.

If it were, GOP would be pushing birth control, sex ed, welfare, healthcare, childcare.

It’s about controlling women.

Women have figured it out.

We’re mad AND voting #GetMadAndVote

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