If you’re a star…

Six game suspension for Deshaun Watson after thirty women accused him of sexual misconduct.

So it would have taken 100 women to come forward to get him suspended for the season

DeShaun Watson suspended 6 games w/o pay, but his contract with Cleveland was heavily backloaded, with $690,000 this year, $46 million each of next 4 years. And new Browns QB is not being fined. Not like DeShaun did anything egregious like wearing wrong color socks. #sarcasm.

Arizona QB Kyler Murray has COVID-19 and will have to stay home and miss practice until he tests negative. So since Murray has nothing else to do, is it too late for the Cardinals to temporary reinstate that contract homework clause?

So as Rachel Maddow reports, Blake Masters, Arizona GOP primary Senate candidate, claims January 6 was a FBI false flag. while Mark Finchem, running in GOP primary for AZ Secretary of State, actually was part of the insurrection. This is so confusing.

So if a golf ball lands on Ivana’s grave at Bedminster is that considered a hazard or is it in play?

So John Cornyn has COVID. The first GOP Senator other than Murkowski to get the virus in months, or the first to admit it?

So all these election deniers running in GOP primaries: For consistency if they win shouldn’t they turn down their own victories as fraudulent?

As Velveeta Voldemort either accidentally or on purpose endorsed both “Eric”s in the GOP Missouri Senate primary, maybe he’s using something he learned with his wives and mistresses “Let me call you sweetheart, I can’t remember your name.”

It still boggles my mind how many in the media professed outrage over President Biden’s fist bumb with the Saudi Prince, yet were crickets about Velveeta Voldemort hosting AND profiting off of the Saudi-backed LIV tournament less than an hour from Ground Zero.

Pretty sure Susan Sarandon had more policy agreements with Hillary Clinton than Kevin Costner has with Liz Cheney. But as Amy Klobuchar says “Courage is standing next to someone you don’t always agree with for the betterment of the country.”

And here’s the proof.

Well played Kevin Costner. At least one star of Bull Durham understands that politics can be messy, but that democracy matters.

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