Show your work?

Arizona Cardinals said they removed a clause in Kyle Murray’s $230 million contract extension that required him to study game material for four hours a week on his own (without the TV on) in order to receive “credit.”

Removed the clause because it was embarrassing to the team? Or because Murray got upset at being outed that the team needed to give him homework?

Friday headline? “The Giants win a game, the Giants win a game.”

I love Mike Krukow but he just said “The Giants played their best game of the 2nd half.” Uh, tonight against the Cubs was the first WIN SF has had in the 2nd half.

Remember, Velveeta Voldemort is backing the Saudi-backed LIV tour not just for the money they are giving his resorts, but also because the PGA took their tournaments away from Tr*mp golf clubs after January 6.

Golfers like Paul Casey who left the PGA Tour earlier for the Saudi-backed LIV tour say “It’s not about the money.” Translation “It’s about the money.”

Can someone please tell Andrew Yang to go home and knit?

Maybe one solution to preserve access for all American girls and women to contraception is legislation tying the ease of access of birth control to that of Viagra?

Thinking if it’s about the “sanctity of marriage”, then when Senate votes next week on same-sex marriage, all divorced Senators thinking of voting “no” please recuse themselves? Asking for a country tired of hypocrites.

When Brett Kavanaugh had to sneak out of fancy DC steakhouse to avoid Roe protesters, GOP was outraged. When GOP got angry Dems agreed on bill to lower drug prices & fight climate change, they voted down healthcare for vets & are threatening same-sex marriage. Seems equivalent.

Watching GOP Senators like John Cornyn profess outrage on Senate Floor over Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin’s compromise bill, calling it a “stunt” and a “betrayal,” makes me think I have never liked Schumer and Manchin more.

Senator John Cornyn says Majority Leader Schumer is “abusing the rules of the Senate” with Chuck’s spending bill with Manchin.

SCOTUS judge Merrick Garland says “Hi.” (And from above Ruth Bader Ginsburg is smiling.)

But just think folks, if we all turn out and vote in November we can up our total of Democratic Senators to at least 52 and stop staying up at night worrying how Sinema and Manchin will vote.

30 Republicans voted “No” on David Pressman, just confirmed today as Ambassador to Hungary. Guess they were upset his law firm represented Alexander Vindman.

But no GOP Senators seem upset Hungary PM Orban will speak at CPAC, despite his recent comments being compared to Nazism.

If you really want to reduce abortion then you should want to make contraception as easy to obtain as possible. Free even.

If SCOTUS had threatened to ban Viagra there isn’t a man in the Senate who wouldn’t support the right to erectile dysfunction medication.

Lester Holt pointed out to AG Merrick Garland in interview “prosecuting former president or a potential presidential candidate could ‘arguably tear the country apart.” As opposed to tearing the country apart” that former President is trying to keep doing to US on a daily basis?

Stephen Colbert reminds us that no former President has ever been charged with a crime in the country’s history. Well, Velveeta Voldemort always wanted to be first at everything.

Tennessee had horrific flooding in Aug 2021, & just two weeks ago hundreds had to evacuate from Gatlinburg area due to flash flooding. And Marsha Blackburn voted “no” on overwhelmingly bipartisan Water Resources Development act.

Who is she working for? Because it isn’t her state.

(Note, two hours after the vote she came back and asked to change it since she had “intended” to vote Yes, and her vote didn’t affect the outcome. Uh, “intended to vote Yes” or got shamed into realizing just how awful the vote was?

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2 Comments on “Show your work?”

  1. Jane OLeary Says:

    I’m a fan of your humor and “right on” political astuteness. Question: Why is the Catholic church’s ban on birth control not an issue? Thanks, and keep on writing!

  2. thanks Jane, and yeah, it should be – though catholics have been ignoring the vatican since I was a kid -!

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