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NY Yankees traded for Andrew Benintendi, who has been publicly anti-vax, despite late Sept road trip to Toronto, which has a vaccine mandate.

Yesterday, Benintendi said he was “open-minded” about receiving the vaccine.. So maybe he has new rea$on$?

Of course hindsight is 20-20, especially in baseball trades. But if 2022 season weren’t depressing enough lately for SF Giants fans, trade deadline prize Luis Castillo, sent from Reds to Mariners, was once a Giants prospect. Traded to the Marlins in 2014 for… Casey McGehee.

Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff told ESPN he potentially sees College Football Playoff expanding by 2025. Uh, wonder if he sees the Pac 12 being around in 2025?

Has a single GOP leader who condemned President Biden’s fist-bump with the Saudi prince, said a word about the Saudi LIV golf tournament at Velveeta Voldemort’s Bedminster golf club? I’ll wait.

From my twisted funny friend T.C. “

I’m golfing with my Saudi friends. “Over my dead body!!!”

So maybe Velveeta Voldemort has started burying his family and ex-family at his golf club because it’s the only way he’ll be able to claim he EVER visits their graves.

Looking at the news today thinking maybe the way President Biden could have gotten almost every American vaccinated is to have accompanied every COVID shot with a free Mega Millions lottery ticket?

Wonder how many people who embrace the 1 in 303 million odds of winning Mega Millions have been dismissing the 1 in 13 chance of getting long COVID?

Now it’s Senator Minority Whip Dick Durbin who’s tested positive for COVID. Would some reporter ask GOP Senators on camera if they’re even testing?

Stephen Colbert points out McConnell allowed CHIPS bill to be voted on, because last week Joe Manchin said he was never going to vote for Build Back Better. And Manchin & Schumer announced deal hours after CHIPS bill passed.. “They pulled the old “Bait and Mitch.”

Have to wonder if one reason Joe Manchin made that deal with Chuck Schumer was that Joe was tired of Mitch McConnell being talked about as the most powerful man in the Senate.

Allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices is NOT socialized medicine. It’s simply using buying power to get better deals. I mean, come on, how many women haven’t teamed up with a friend while shopping to take advantage of BOGO deals on shoes?

Excuse me, but why does ANYONE at this point want to hear what Jared Kushner has to say in a book?

You know Democrats’ budget bill is good when you check out Fox News website & top headlines are about 2024 possible Presidential challengers & CA Rep. Linda Sanchez flipping the bird at GOP opponent during Congressional baseball game. (allegedly after misogynistic insult.)

WaPo reports DHS “watchdog” Joseph Cuffari, appointed by TFG, ended effort in Feb to collect agency phones to recover deleted Secret Service texts AND refused to investigate Secret Service clearing protestors for Tr*mp’s church photo op in June 2020. Why does Cuffari still have a job?

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