It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times.

SF Giants losing streak at six. Starting pitcher Carlos Rodon kicked a bat when he returned to the dugout and the bat flew and hit Thairo Estrada in the leg. Sadly, it was one of the hardest hits the Giants got all night.

Happy Birthday July 26 to Dorothy Hamill. And Peggy Fleming’s birthday is July 27. Apparently some of us Leos (not me) are really good at ice skating

Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray just signed a contract extension for $230 million, but the contract has a “homework” clause. If you ever wondered what might happen when the adult world started being dominated by participation trophy children.

All you need to know about Velveeta Voldemort’s claim in his lie-filled speech today that he supports police: The man wouldn’t meet with the family of or even acknowledge Brian Sicknick.

Stephen Colbert after Al Gore warned the “atmosphere could get a lot worse.” “Where were you 20 years ago when we could have done somethng about this?” Uh… (Sigh, I’m so old I thought in 2016 Americans might have learned their lesson with 2000 Ralph Nader.)

As we learned AG Merrick Garland and DOJ is NOT ruling out charging Velveeta Voldemort, reminder (& patience is not my strong suit.) DOJ is going to get one shot at this. As Macbeth said, “The snake must be killed, not scotched.” So they have to get it airtight the first time.

As more and more revelations come out about Velveeta Voldemort’s Secret Service beginning to look like the smartest thing Mike Pence ever did as VP was not getting in that car.

Been working regularly since I was 16. Have had a lot of bosses and understand no boss is perfect. Have had a few I thought were “worst ever.” But never had a boss who tried to have me hanged.

Can we stop talking about the 2024 election? If we don’t elect Democrats at a local, state and national level in 2022 we may not HAVE a 2024 election. #VoteBlueIn22

US has about 700 billionaires. About 9 of 10 older Americans take prescription drugs. GOP trying to convince us billionaires still need their tax cuts, but those 9 of 10 Americans don’t need Medicare to negotiate prices for their prescription drugs. Democrats are on OUR side.

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