The pain, the pain

As SF Giants losing 5-0 to lowly Diamondbacks.

Dave Flemming “The positive for SF Giants tonight.- Jakob Junis came back and looked really good. Krukow adds “And he went into the 5th inning –

“Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, wasn’t the play good?

More – All you need to know on how 2022 SF Giants season is going.

Flemming also talking about Luis Gonzalez’s speed, when he got on 2 out hit in the 8th. But “You can’t get picked off down 5-0 in 8th ” Krukow “That would be bad.”

Then. Flem “He got picked off. I don’t believe it.” Kruk “That cannot happen.”

But it did.

All this hype about where in the NBA Kevin Durant will end up. Maybe the more interesting question, once he lands with another team, how long before KD demands a trade?

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh: “Any player on team, any staff member, anybody in our extended family w/ unplanned pregnancy, let child be born & if you don’t feel like you can care for it, we got a big house. My wife & I will raise baby.”

Two (printable) words – uh huh.

In Wisconsin, disabled voters are suing after State Supreme Court ruled 4-3 no one could turn in another person’s ballot. It’s actually pretty simple: If GOP really thought their platform resonated with a majority of Americans they’d be making it easier, not harder to vote.

John Fetterman latest fundraising email asking for small donations – “$2.59 – the price of 1 XL Sheetz Coffee, can you chip in to our campaign?” Wonder if Dr. Oz knows what a “XL Sheetz Coffee” is? They don’t have Sheetz in New Jersey.

Bad as NJ Resident Dr. Oz is, he’s probably not worst 2022 GOP candidate in PA. Doug Mastriano, so far, has that honor. (Advised by self-proclaimed Christian Nationalist, Mastriano just endorsed Wendy Rogers in AZ, right-winger who claimed Buffalo supermarket massacre was done by government.)

Should we be surprised that GOP Rep. Glenn Thompson attended his gay son’s wedding days after voting against marriage equality? Children of Republican lawmakers have abortions too.

“Laws for thee but not for me.”

Side note w/ all this talk on Liz Cheney’s future in politics.

There are only 579,495 people living in Wyoming. The whole state.

Just over 270,000 voted in 2020.

They get one Congressperson & TWO Senators:

By comparison, there were 344,000 voters just in my SF Bay Area congressional district.

Wonder how much it would cost for a liberal billionaire to get 100,000 young people to relocate to Wyoming before the 2024 election?

Fox News is finally mentioning gas prices, which are falling, by attacking President Biden for a tweet about savings that included an “average peson’ typo. Please. Velveeta Voldemort tried to sharpie away a hurricane.

Christian Nationalism is a longwinded way of saying “cult.”

Rachel Maddow went over the outtakes of Velveeta Voldemort’s speech tonight and the handwritten cuts he made. For some reason Fox News, who treats TFG like a King, wasn’t covering this story of “The King’s Speech.”

McConnell tells sad stories about inflation hurting working families on Senate Floor at same time he lies & shills for big Pharma being able to keep prices sky-high for prescriptions.

Medicare being able to negotiate prices like the VA does is NOT socialism.

Mitch has no shame.

Senate Whip Dick Durbin, not known for his rhetorical skills, nails it in discussing Velveeta Voldemort and his continued efforts to falsely overturn the 2020 election: “This little man just can’t bring himself to accept reality.”

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