Wednesday was the day after the All-Star Game so there’s no Major League Baseball. So for one day and night all fans know what it’s like this summer to be Washington Nationals fans.

As Velveeta Voldemort pushes the Saudi-backed LIV golf tour, your reminder, it’s not just that the Saudis have TWO events this year at his Trump golf resorts, it’s that the PGA pulled THEIR event from Bedminster after January 6.

Maryland GOP Governor Larry Hogan is now accusing Velveeta Voldemort of “colluding” with Democrats to block the Republican candidate Hogan preferred to succeed him. This country is going to have a serious violins shortage.

One month before the primary, former New York CIty Mayor Bill de Blasio today dropped out of his congressional race. What a disappointment this must be to both of his supporters.

Now Senator Tina Smith has COVID. No GOP Senator has admitted to testing positive lately. Are they immune, not testing, or just quietly getting COVID and hoping they infect enough Democrats to keep bills from passing?

We all know the Secret Service is lying about their text messages. The Secret Service knows we know they are lying about their text messages. What they deleted must be worse than they think we can imagine.

Not just that Velveeta Voldemort was promoting insane big lie to overthrow 2020 election results & was ready to have countless people die over it.

But most of GOP, watching clearly unwell/criminal behavior, still falls in line behind this would be King.

Per Fox News, Melania says she would have immediately denounced violence Jan 6 but was working with “photographers & archivists” recording White House renovations & didn’t know about Capitol.

The Former First Lady also blamed former chief of staff for not telling her. Nothing’s her fault, She’s a Trump alright.

If you are anti-abortion and still voted against the contraception bill you aren’t pro-life you are just anti-women.

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  1. marc ragovin Says:

    The Seattle Mariners recently released pitcher Daniel Ponce de Leon. The team thanked him for his service and wished him well as he explores new opportunities.

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