Unheard voices.

Andrew Wiggin, who won a ring with the Golden State Warriors, told a reporter””I still wish I didn’t get [vaccinated], to be honest with you.”

About a million Americans would offer a rebuttal if they weren’t like, you know, dead.

As SF Giants fan, did I really care who won MLB #AllStarGame?


But was it fun to see an LA Dodgers pitcher take the loss?…


Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh spoke at an anti-choice event.

Wonder how many abortions Jim Harbaugh’s football players have been responsible for?

And again, it’s not pro-abortion, it’s pro-choice.

The 10 year old girl who was raped is an awful story But let’s be clear – no 10 or 11 or 12 year old girl… or any girl or woman for that matter, should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term. #GetMadAndVote

Some of the same people insisting President Biden is too old are also looking for a nefarious motive in Dr. Fauci’s retirement. Fauci is 81. Two years older than Joe.

New Democratic serenity prayer: Grant me the serenity to accept Manchin/Sinema cannot be changed. The courage to work to elect 2 more Democrats to offset them. And the wisdom to vote Blue. If we do we’ll see the difference.

So the Steve Bannon trial has a jury of his peers? Wasn’t aware jury selection could also jump species.

Gas prices have now declined 34 days in a row. How will we know when the streak stops? Because even a penny increase will be headline news on Fox News.

About those “accidentally deleted” Secret Service text messages. Asked a wise reporter once why a politician would lie publicly about something that was obviously a lie. His response -“it’s simple, when the truth is more damning than having people know he’s lying.”

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