Errant shots

Must confess, as MLB has increasingly focused on “all or nothing hitters” – strikeout or home run, finding the All-Star game Home Run Derby a lot less fun.

If you are complaining about President Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia and you have no problem with Velveeta Voldemort hosting the Saudi backed LIV golf tournament in late July at his Trump Bedminster Club then can I respectfully request you put a golf sock in it?

Don’t watch much golf, but apparently David Feherty is a big name announcer for NBC and the Golf Channel, now leaving to join Saudi-funded LIV Golf Invitational Series.

Again, some thought it was impossible but who imagined anyone or anything could make the PGA look good by comparison.

Again, not a Saudi fan. But President Biden got so much grief for a fist bump. And today Velveeta Voldemort doubled down and attacked professional golfers who aren’t joining the SAUDI-BACKED LIV golf tour… #NotTheOnion

So as college football teams switch conferences basically just to get more television money with games against big name schools, how long until some small market MLB teams ask to move to AL East in hopes of more games against NY Yankees?

London Luton airport, used by budget airlines like Easy Jet, had to close today because part of their runway melted in the record heat. And Londoners have been told to stay inside & not use transit. But no, we don’t have a climate change problem. #sarcasm

Have seen pundits & others call to kick Joe Manchin out of Democratic party. Not Manchin fan. But if Dems did that,3 words: “Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.” Don’t need to make Manchin switch parties. DO need to elect more Democrats so he matters less. #GetMadAndVote

Another thought, based on the latest post Roe V. Wade insanity, if a pregnant woman who lives in blue state is traveling to red state and has medical emergency, doctors might now refuse to save her life. Again, pro life my a**.

As woman past childbearing age almost tempting next time I’m in anti-choice state to go somewhere like Walgreens or another store selling information & buy pregnancy tests, just to f*ck w/ the system. Maybe if men do it too, we could find a discreet place to donate those tests?

Rewatching that press conference right after Uvalde from Greg Abbott, knowing what we know now about how awful & deadly police response was, it’s amazing to see Beto O’Rourke had restraint to do nothing more than interrupt Texas Governor.

Must confess, as MLB has increasingly focused on “all or nothing hitters” – strikeout or home run, finding the All-Star game Home Run Derby a lot less fun.

Adam Schiff to Rachel Maddow tonight – “Yes, we’re glad Bill Barr finally found a line he wouldn’t cross, but he crossed a lot of lines before he got there.” No kidding.

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One Comment on “Errant shots”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    A distracted cameraman at the World Track and Field Championships wandered onto the track during a men’s steeplechase race while filming another event. Nobody was hurt, but I shutter to think of the tragedy that could have been.

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