Stumbling towards the weekend

“It’s a simple game, you throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball.” And when you aren’t perfect with the first two, you d*mn better do that “catch” part. Sad story of most losses from 2022 SF Giants.

So anyone got a Stanford University yearbook from Josh Hawley’s days at the school? Wanna see if he was on the track team.

Toronto’s Kevin Gausman came into tonight’s game against Boston 6-7 with a 2.87 ERA. In one game, per


“Gausman’s run support has gone from 50th to 6th among qualified starters.” (Blue Jays 28 – Red Sox 5.)

While we’re all having fun watching Josh Hawley run, remember – Claire McCaskill got great deal of grief from many liberals as moderate/conservative Missouri Democratic Senator. She lost to Hawley in 2018. We need to support ALL our Democratic candidates in 2022. #VoteBlue

As much as I love watching that video of Josh Hawley running, my greedy little mind wished there was a similar one of Cancun Cruz fleeing that mob like he fled cold weather in Houston.

When you take a one-hour connecting flight through Houston on United and both you and your bag make the connection, these days it feels like winning the lottery.

Ivana Trump was buried near the first hole of the Trump Bedminster Golf Course, where Velveeta Voldemort reportedly built a 10 plot cemetery. 10 plots?! How many wives does he plan to have?

Velveeta Voldemort got his deposition delayed because of Ivana’s death. His 1st wife who he cheated on, who accused him of raping her, & who he divorced over 30 years ago But he didn’t need to delay his vanity rally in Arizona a day after her funeral. #Priorities

Can we imagine Fox News et al if President Biden had stumbled over the word “yesterday?”

Yeah, trainwrecks are clickbait. But with all the coverage of Velveeta Voldemort & Pence etc differing endorsements – can’t remember media running a single headline story when Hillary Clinton and another Democrat endorsed different primary candidates.

You don’t have to think you’ll agree with Liz Cheney on almost anything ever again to admire the h*ll out of her work on the January 6 committee.

So an unvaccinated Velveeta Voldemort gets COVID and ends up in the hospital with what we now know were life-threatening symptoms. Vaxxed & double boosted President Biden gets COVID and has mild cold-like symptoms. Seems to me the headline should be “Vaccines work!”

Steve Bannon was found guilty by a jury in three hours. What took them so long?

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