In case you wondered..

Does Very Type A SF Giants Manager Gabe Kapler ever look relaxed?

An 11 run lead will do it.

Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic is planning to skip the US Open because he still refuses to get vaccinated. Talk about throwing away your shot.

Sorry, will NEVER get used to hearing “Madison Bumgarner and the Arizona Diamondbacks come to San Francisco to take on the Giants.

As Fox announcers for Padres-Giants keep talking about the upcoming All-Star game, have to wonder, which payroll is higher? The nine starting NL All-Stars? Or the starting nine for the LA Dodgers?

Lost in shock of Shinzo Abe’s assassination is report gunman believed rumors Abe was connected to religious group he hated. Even in almost gun-free Japan lies & misinformation can be deadly. In heavily-armed US, lies some GOP & right-wing media tell are reckless endangerment.

Velveeta Voldemort had rally Saturday night in Anchorage. Apparently his Save America PAC “signed a lease agreement for $53,081 to use Alaska Airlines Center.” A University of Alaska spokesperson “the university has not been paid upfront.” How cute – they think they’ll EVER be paid?!

The rally included Sarah Palin, along w/ Alaska Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

Reminder, yes, Lisa Murkowski can be disappointing. But she’s smart, principled & closest thing to independent GOP has. Tsibaka’s an election-denier sycophant.

This time, this proud Dem is w/ Lisa.

Try to check in regularly to see what they’re reading across the aisle. But somehow I missed Fox News website praising Joe Biden for about a month now of gas prices falling every day.

Apparently Velveeta Voldemort claimed in late 2020 “It’s mathematically impossible for Biden to have won the election.” Another example of why GOP doesn’t want Americans actually to learn math.

GOP & conservative media outraged over left-wing DC activist group offering $50-200 bounty to anyone who spots one of 6 SCOTUS judges who voted to overturn Roe. But bounties on a teen girl raped by a relative and trying to get an abortion, that’s just fine?

Hey Republicans fixated on President Biden’s age: Joe was elected in 2020 when he was 77. In November, 2024, Velveeta Voldemort will be 78. Person, woman, man, camera, TV/

Eric Clapton has a new song “Pompous Fool.” Some sentences don’t even need a punchline

And now it’s Chuck Schumer with COVID, he has very mild symptoms but discovered it during regular testing.

Lately it’s been all Democrats testing positive.

So is the virus seeking out “blue” blood. Or are Republicans even testing?

(I know what I’m guessing.)

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One Comment on “In case you wondered..”

  1. Sarah S Says:

    I’ve gotten 11 boosters and I’m afraid of going to the grocery store. The world revolves around me and I judge every person solely by whether they are vaxxed or not.

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