The price is right?

Heinz Field, known as the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers for over two decades, will soon become Acrisure Stadium, reportedly for $10-20 million a year.

(Acrisure, if you haven’t heard of them, is not a feminine hygienc product, but a newish global insurance brokerage. Don’t like the name? Odds are it won’t last the next two decades.)

Phillies J.T.Realmuto refuses COVID vaccine & loses $262,363 in pay as an unvaccinated foreigner he can’t play Rays in Toronto.

“Not going to let Canada tell me what I do & don’t put in my body for little bit of money,’

$262K? is “a little bit of money”

Can’t imagine how pro athletes get rep of being out of touch a**holes.

Some wonder why POTUS has low approval ratings.

Fox: “Biden gun control speech interrupted by father of Parkland shooting victim.”

CNN -“Biden heckled by Parkland parent at White House ceremony.”

Neither headline: “Biden signs compromise control bil that actually passed.”

I’m a Democrat. I’m a liberal.

But sometimes I get the feeling if President Biden was given a magic wand and was able to make all “progressives” wishes come true immediately the reaction would be “Why didn’t he do it sooner?”

Velveeta Voldemort, 76, has weighed in: ‘President Biden is 1 of oldest 79s in History, but by & of itself, he is not an old man but it has little to do w/ age. In actuality, life begins at 80!’ I could try all day & never write anything that funny. Person woman man camera TV.

Hey media. It’s not just that Herschel Walker is a terrible candidate.

It’s that Reverend Raphael Warnock is an excellent Senator.

And he was right “Some people don’t want some people to vote.”

With chyron “Battle for the Senate,” CNN’s Nia -Malika Henderson saying it out loud about Pennsylvania and other Senate races:

“It’s going to be so exciting to cover these races.”


“Battle for the Senate?”

November isn’t the World Series. It’s our democracy we’re talking about.

Here’s one potential solution: Pass legislation to tie availability of abortion medication to Viagra. So that both will be equally difficult or easy to get.

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2 Comments on “The price is right?”

  1. Murray Ross Says:

    Wakeup Unrealmuto……..One would hope that someone explained to Realmuto that the U.S. has the same restriction as Canada — you have to be vaccinated to get into the country, which is why Novak Djokovic isn’t likely to play in tennis’s U.S. Open.

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