Changing places

It’s midnight. Do you know in which conference your college football team is in?

ESPN reports “WWE’s Vince McMahon paid total of $12M to 4 women to quiet sexual misconduct allegations.” So when and where is McMahon going to announce he’s running for office as a Republican?

Increasingly seems that not only did Muskrat never really intend to buy Twitter, but also that he pretended do so just to get attention, and to cause trouble for a company that he thought wasn’t sufficiently subservient to him.

So is Muskrat gonna pretend to buy Truth Social next?

As CNN reports on assassination of Shinzo Abe, this amazing statistic on 2021 gun deaths:

US – 45,034

Japan – 1 (yes, ONE.)

Re Brett Kavanaugh being harassed in a DC steakhouse:

Personally I’m not a fan of hounding people from restaurants. But Morton’s said “politics, regardless of your side or views, should not trample freedom of the right to congregate and eat dinner.”

Uh, by Brett’s own decision, the “right to congregate & eat dinner” is not in Constitution.

Media: President Biden hasn’t called Brittney Griner’s wife.

Joe Biden calls Cherelle Griner.

Media : Why hasn’t President Biden called the families of others held in Russia? #CantWin

Velveeta Voldemort’s rally tonight in Las Vegas was at Treasure Island Hotel. Treasure? More like “Fool’s Gold.”

Whatever former White House counsel Pat Cipollone today said must have been bad. Expected Fox to ignore it. And they did.

But Fox did find time for a headline: “BORDER BATTLE: governor takes spiraling migrant crisis into his own hands.”

Caravans next week during televised hearings?!!

Meanwhilel WTF CNN? This headline is top of their website. “Highland Park gunman’s family was in turmoil for years before shooting.” Uh, what about turmoil families of people who he shot are in? Even those who survived? And that will never end. You can’t be Fox News, stop trying.

So Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed w/ GOP lawsuit & outlawed ballot drop boxes as alternative to returning absentee ballots by mail. Someone mailed 2 books to me from Wisc. this April. Books still “in transit…” If your vote didn’t matter, GOP wouldn’t try so hard to suppress it.

These days doctors are more worried about liability in treating women having miscarriages & ectopic pregnancies than gun store owners are about liability in selling assault weapons to teenagers. This needs to change.

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