Numbers game.

Now a rumor that North Carolina, Florida State, Clemson and Virginia are negotiating to join the SEC. SEC is gonna have more teams than their parent company, the NFL.

As ACC and Pac 12 are now exploring a TV partnership following UCLA and USC leaving for the Big Ten, why are we bothering with old college conference titles anymore? More accurate just to name them all divisions of the NFL minor leagues.

Former Stanford star & Brittney Griner’s current WNBA coach Vanessa Nygaard nails the response to “Would Tom Brady be home?” “Tom Brady wouldn’t have been there because he doesn’t have to play in a foreign country to supplement his income.”

British friend about possible successors to Boris Johnson “Hard to know…there is such an awful crowd of self important half wits around him!! ” “Self important half wits.” Sounds familiar.

Watching Cindy McCain accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom on behalf of John reminds us that we could, and can, “disagree without being disagreeable.”

Imagine how different things might be if the media spent as much time now covering what Hillary Clinton says as they do covering the rantings of Velveeta Voldemort.

RIP James Caan. A long and illustrious career. For how many of us was the first time we seriously cried in a movie watching him in Brian’s Song?

UK PM Boris Johnson has resigned. After much of his own Conservative party, including his cabinet, abandoned him. If only American Conservatives had had the same cojones with Velveeta Voldemort.

Some have compared Boris Johnson to Velveeta Voldemort. And yes, there are similarities. But also big differences. As in Boris Johnson has moments of accepting reality.

Fox News is headlining the fact that Nancy Pelosi is on a “luxury” vacation in Italy this week, as if she’s doing something wrong. Gosh, somehow I missed their vacation updates on Cancun Cruz and other GOP leaders.

Thinking if you voted for Nader in 2000 or Stein/Johnson in 2016 you should STFU as far as complaining what hell SCOTUS hath wrought in 2022.

“If you booked your travel through a travel agency, please reach out to them for assistance.” United Airlines message today on TRAVEL AGENT HELP PHONE LINE.

(PS, United doesn’t pay travel agents for changing or fixing tickets. But hey, free labor is great if you can get it.)

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